Monday, January 17, 2011

That's a wrap!

This morning we all got ready for church and out the door by 10:06!! Not too shabby when you add two extra people to the mix! Samantha went right off to her class with a quick hug for me! The 5 of us then had the task of finding room for all of us to sit together....which meant the second row. Dad wanted the first row, but we talked him outta that!!

While we were at church, the Seahawks were Howie set the dvr for the game and I shut off the text updates on my phone so I wouldn't spoil it for him. We came home and he turned in on right away and hit pause so it wouldn't accidentally pop up with a current score....then we ate lunch before settling in to watch. Now, you know I only like the last 10 mins of the I laid on the couch...and fell asleep! When DJ woke me up, by tapping on my nose, I noticed that we were watching the Patriots game...huh!?!?!?! Seems the Seahawks game was so terrible they fast forwarded thru the middle and watched the end...where they lost! :(   And then the Patriots lost :(  Now, I could care less who wins the Superbowl!

Once the kids knew I was awake, they begged me to get their bubble guns working for them...Samantha's was having technical difficulties, so I took a bit for me to figure out what was wrong and fix it so that it worked for her. Talk about fun!!!!!! They went outside and had a blast!!! Used up the entire contents of one bottle of bubbles...each of them!! And when they came in they were soaked with mud up to their knees!!!! Both of them changed into clean clothes, which for some reason meant pajamas to them...oh well!
Dinner was fabulous!!!! DJ gobbled up the steak first thing but Sam left it to the end and struggled a bit with it. After they were done with their "kindergarten" egg, according to DJ, they went and had a bath. Finally, good smellin kids again! This also meant an on time bed time tonite!!! DJ fell asleep quickly, he'd told me he as tired after his bath and was yawning...Samantha, was busy playing with her LED flashlight at the door...and we could see the light shining at the end of the hall. It was cute! She fell asleep with it on and beside her.

Once they were sleeping we sat down and watched a movie my mom and dad brought called Fireproof...with Kirk Cameron....and a bunch of volunteer unknowns. What a great movie!!!! REALLY great!!! I've had several friends who've watched it last year, and I remembered this, so I was excited to watch it. It did bring me to tears too!! A couple different times! Not sure about anyone else...

After the movie it was only 10:30, so we played a couple games of cards before bed. During the first game Dad thought he heard coyotes was Samantha crying  in her room....ha! She needed to pee, so we ran and she did...then back in bed she went. A half hour later I hear her again...she wants I get her a half sippy full and tuck her back in bed. She was still awake at midnite when Howie went to bed...haven't heard a peep since, so here's hoping she's down for the rest of the nite!!!!

Til next time...God bless!

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