Friday, December 31, 2010

A date with Ben

This morning when Sam came in to snuggle with me, she had a 5lb diaper...dang it! This is gonna be a chore for sure!! Its like correcting her body to only respond during the day instead of during the night. After breakfast when I was about to change her, she decided to poop first. Yet another milestone will be catching the morning constitutional in the toilet instead of the diaper. Ahhh the joys!!

Once the diaper was removed, she didn't even fight the undies!! She still corrected me if I said she was my big girl..."I not big girl, I Sam!" And its still cute!! The first two rushes to the potty were for naught...she sat there, probably tooted, and said she was done. But that third time, she wanted to go on DJ's toilet, so off we ran and once she got up there, she peed right away!! SO awesome!!!!! So very awesome!!!! And even tho we went thru 4 pairs of undies, due to dribbles, she peed every single time on the toilet!!! So, I daresay she's trained for the major hurdle at least!!! Then again, I haven't taken her anywhere yet!! That was part of my reasoning for doing it now, we had no plans to go anywhere that would mess it up. Sticking close to home that first week is crucial in the training.

By 10:30 Howie came home from work...graveyard PLUS! The thing they were working on (no clue what, but it was explained to me) leaked twice, so they took it apart twice...third time was a charm and he got to leave. He came home, ate, and went right to bed. DJ went next door shortly after that without telling me...such a rascal!! And without a coat!! So when he and K came by to see if they could play inside, and I said no, I made him put a coat and hat on. Then they went back next door to play. He came home for lunch (which it turns out, was a break for the boys as they were turning on each other) and stayed for a bit...Sam and I were watching the new Tinkerbell movie....its really cute!

Howie got up just about 2 and snuck up on, scared me silly...thanks for the warning Sam and Snickers!!! HA! He wanted up at 2:30, but I guess his body said it was time to get up! DJ was back over next door playing inside, it was 33 for most of the day...right now, its 21 BRRRR!!!! It was then that I decided to head into town to see Ben. Alone!! Kidless!!!! Imagine that!! So I dug thru my yarn bag as I have a project that's half finished...I ran out of one of the colours of yarn that I picked...and I really want these felted slippers! I also grab my extra Avon books to drop off at my spot in Safeway...and in the hunt for the slipper, I found a box of baby stuff that I don't need or want, so packed it up to take to the consignment shop.

They don't take consignments on Thursdays or Fridays...remember that for next time will ya! Of course, while I'm there, I peruse the stuffs!! I found a pair of pants for DJ, a pair of brand new church shoes for Sam, and a new cd of kid songs for each of them! I almost got this V-Tech lap top for SamSam, its pink and cute...but I didn't like that the key board wasn't conventional....if you're gonna give a kid a lap top and make them feel like mom/dad, then make the keyboard the same!!! Let them learn it right early! No?

I put my purchases and my box of consigns in the car and walked down to see Ben. Ohhhh all his Christmas stuff is on sale....and its lookin a little bare in there from where all the extra displays were! I steered clear of most of it, a few things found their way into my basket. Before I knew it, I was in the heaven yarn section and discovered right away, they didn't have the colour I need for my slippers...not even one close to it! blah!! So then I wandered over to the patterns, as my g/f Erika finished off this gorgeous cowl sweater for herself recently, she told me the pattern number, so I looked for bueno!! And none of the ones there caught my eye. I then went and found some yarn to make myself another scarf to go with my black coat.  I then found someone who knew yarn and asked about the strand I had in my hand...she pulled out the colour swatch thingy, and I didn't even match!!! So, maybe I have a different brand than I thought even...kinda disappointed! might have to rip out the slipper I have done and get new stuff and start over. ARGH!!!

As I was slowly leaving the yarn section, I spied a book about those oversize hats you see everywhere...even men wear them! So I perused it, and of the 6 patterns I could do 4, so not a bad investment....and each hat takes one skein of my fave back I went for a couple more skeins...oh darn!! I then needed to get out!!! Stop looking at things and just pay for my stuff and leave!! lol Turns out, time-wise, it was time leave anyways!

I got home to very enthusiastic kids. You'd think I'd been gone all day!! Not just 2 hours...crazy kids! I was told Sam hadn't peed for real while I was gone...she'd had two false alarms, but no pee. Well, wouldn't you know it, as we're talking about it, she says she has to pee!!! And she did!! YAY!!! I gave her her shoes and she immediately put them on...DJ tried on his pants and put them in the laundry...and they both put their new cd's on in their rooms...and walked away! Oy! 

After dinner I grabbed a shower and put clothes away that were waiting for a day or two....there's 3 more that need that kind of attention...oops! lol Hey, at least its all clean!!! Right? DJ was in his pj's when I came out and Sam was sitting on the I got her up and in the bathroom to pee for real...and within a few minutes, she did! Just love her smile of accomplishment! Put them to bed and watched the Husky/Husker game (aka Holiday Bowl) with Howie til he went to bed. And actually, finished watching it without him...yay they won!! All the while, I got started on my first hat :) and got a good two inches done so far! I'm working with smaller needles and my knuckles aren't liking it!! *sigh*

Til next time...God bless!

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