Sunday, January 30, 2011

Transformers Unite

This morning DJ woke me at 6:20 to ask if he could sleep in the bed with me...well DUH! what has he been doing for the past year!?!?! He will outgrow this right?!?!?! Then at 7:30 Miss Samantha wanted in bed too..and boy was she chilly!! Got her warmed up and then she was gone out to the living thing I know, she's throwing her clothes at me asking me to help her get dressed. ha! Got her dressed and DJ woke up and joined her. I got up slowly then...I've been suffering headaches (small ones) for the last 8 days and they're becoming my undoing...this morning I woke up headache free!! And since we had plans for the day, we got breakfast on the go right away.

The plan was to leave the house at 10:30...which in reality means, start getting ready to leave at 10:30! Howie came home from fishing (WITH A FISH!!!) about the same time the kids were getting their coats on, so he helped them and buckled them in the truck for me...HUGE help!! I was looking up directions and making sure we had the presents in order and grabbing cards to add to them. We were off to Maple Valley for a birthday party of twin boys of a dear friend of mine. Their actual birthday is Jan 1st...kind of hard to plan a party for that day, so today was the day!

It was an hour and a half drive there and the kids did great staying awake! I was worried with their early wake up that they would fall asleep on the way...home was fine, but not on the way there! Miserable rain the entire way and I thought I saw the sky lighten for a bit, but then it went greyer (is that even a word?) We finally made it about 15 minutes past the start time, but we weren't the last to that's good!! There were so many kids there it was insane!!!! I think I counted 21 in total when they were all sitting eating lunch. Which was homemade all the way pizza!!! YUM!!!!! Nikki also has an amazing talent for cake decorating...the theme of the party was Transformers, which my kids have NO clue about...and the cake was an interesting piece!!! Both my kids did great with that many kids around all doing their own thing...and did really good listening to me too!!

The treasure hunt that was organized wasn't up to Samantha's style, so she stayed behind drawing on a magna doodle thing...and DJ had a blast doing the different segments of the hunt...especially throwing the water balloons against the garage wall where there was a picture of a Decepticon. He told me twice that was his favourite part! As soon as the gifts were done we headed for home knowing we had a drive ahead of us...and I didn't want the kids sleeping too late. They did fall asleep on the way home...before we hit 405 which I expected! I enjoyed having the radio on instead of listening to Geo Trax.

We got back into town about 4ish and I'd arranged to meet up with another rep to get books back from her...I got there faster than her and just waited....thought about taking a nap til she got there even! Good thing she wasn't too far behind me. Finally we got home just about 5 and what a nice clean home we came home to! I'd made a deal with Howie that he didn't have to go with us to the party if he vacuumed and swept the floor...done!!!! He thought he got off easy, and really, he did!! lol Did I mention there were 21 kids there!?!?!

Since he'd caught the fish for dinner, that took a lot off my mind as to what to make, so I laid on the couch and took a nap! Or tried to...the kids don't think to leave me alone a lot of the time...and I didn't want too much of a nap or I'd ruin bed time. Thankfully that didn't happen and it was just enough of a nap to recharge me! And when I woke, dinner was ready to be served! Gotta love that!! Oh it was delicious!!! (sorry mom, but it really was!!)

After dinner I decided to forgo the bath and have family time we all played kinect!! DJ hadn't played the racing game yet, so we let him do that first...and then Howie did it....much funnier to watch him twist his body to figure it out!! Then DJ showed him the Track and Field game on the sports disc and how well he can do those events. Then the 3 of the us had a bowling game!!! Or tried to...I had no competition! HA!!! Final scores: DJ 75, Howie 81, Missy 204!!!! That's right baby, I smoked 'em all!!!! :D Maybe I ougtha think about taking that show on the road!! nahhh...

As soon as the bowling was done the kids were put in bed...didn't mean they fell asleep easily...DJ struggled and Sam did too, but she stayed put. Howie and I played a few more games after they went to bed and I whupped his ass in ping pong  and only got beat by one point in soccer....he got lucky! lol Then he challenged me to the car racing one...and I lost badly!!! He got 1st and I took 6th! We were done after this one tho and sat and watched some Human Target from dvr and ate ice cream from the vitamix! YUM!

Then he went to bed and I watched a movie I'd recorded during the Christmas season...but it wasn't a Christmas movie, just a heartwarming story! The Ultimate Gift...great movie!!! I knit my way thru that one quite well! Now, I'm gonna go get my dream on!!

Til next time...God bless!

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