Monday, January 24, 2011

And the farewells have begun!!!

I can't believe how FAST the last 10 days have gone by!!! Reality returns tomorrow :( and even the kids don't want it! Having mom and dad here has (as always) been such a blessing!! From every meal they've taken us out for, to the movies we've watched, to the donuts we've consumed and every mile we've driven!! We absolutely love having them here!!! And they like coming here too!!! Dad said he got to really relax this trip, which is good!! Mom was doing fine til she did the Kinect games that first day, and buggered up her knee/leg...she shouldn't have been jumping on the river raft!!

This morning I woke up in the middle...and my entire left shoulder was NUMB!!!! I swear, I woke up in exactly the same position I fell asleep in...and my shoulder did not like it!!! It took me a few minutes to even be able to roll over and not on top of DJ...and then a few more minutes til I got feeling back in my shoulder...that was weird!!! Like going to the dentist and he missed!  Of course, once I got rolled over I was too hot...and I had to pee...and DJ was rolling over and over and over like he was sleeping on a log in a river! Finally he rolled out of bed and was up for the day! Howie got up with him and I soon heard Sam's voice! It was only 8:30, so I rolled over and got another hour of sleep!

We were a few minutes later for church, but easily found a spot for 5...after the single lady moved to the row ahead of us. Today's sermon was on raising Godly children....which I found interesting!!! DJ however, continued his log rolling and was constantly bugging at me thru the whole sermon. After the sermon I signed up to make a baby blanket for the Sanctity of Life mission...where we fill up a baby dresser with new items for a mom in I have a reason to knit! It's a boy, so that'll be I still have (believe it or not) baby clothes that were gifted to me when I had DJ that he couldn't wear due to seasons and age not coinciding, and this little guy should fit perfectly in them come summer! I'm liking this task!!

After church we came home and had a football lunch...boneless wings (that were a bit spicy for this wimp!) and fries and salad...I could care less who was winning really...but didn't want the Steelers or the Bears to outta two isn't bad!!! Instead of watching tho, mom, Sam and I went to Freddy's to do some grocery shopping. Boy, having only one kid with sure makes a difference!!!! She did fabulous too! Howie meanwhile, pressure washed the car...there's so much grime and dirt on it you could barely tell it was silver. My truck too, but I had it with me and it was 5 when we got home, so no time for it today. Hopefully soon I won't look like a dirt road and I'll be gold again!

In our travels this aft we picked up menus for two Mexican was decided our last dinner together would be Mexican...I was bummed, its not my first choice and to be honest, I was thinking it would be Teryaki for dad. So after looking and discussing, we chose the one that we hadn't been to yet. Not a good choice!!! The food was bland, they forgot DJ's drink entirely, didn't salt my margarita, and I got frozen vegetables, not fresh. I will say tho, Samantha shocked me! She made 3 trips (or was it 4) to the bathroom (this part isn't so shocking) but as she's sitting there, she starts singing along with the Spanish Spanish!!!! It was funny!!!!! What a mimic!

After dinner we got Dairy Queen to wash away the bad tastes in our mouths. Oh, and mom's fish she ordered...came WHOLE!!! That was totally unexpected! The ice cream did the trick too!!! Once we got home it was bed time for the kids! Sam did her nightly routine of peeing every 5 minutes...and laying on the floor in her room with the door open....DJ on the other hand was out like a light!!! Howie wasn't too far behind him as its back to routine for him tomorrow too!! Mom and Dad stayed up with me and we watched some PBR...those guys are CRAZY!!!!!! Just nuts!!! They carried this one guy out in a stretcher, he'd been knocked unconscious....not sure we ever did get an update on him...that's just sad!! Then dad fell asleep with the remote in his hand (WHY do they do this?!?!) while it was on The Bodyguard!  So I was stuck watching it as there wasn't anything else on to watch....and what I did want to watch was in dvr and he had the remote!! MEN! He did finally wake up and we watched Blue wanted to watch Glee, but they don't have that in On Demand and I didn't have any in dvr (shocked! I know!!) so she watched with us and read. Now they're in bed and I'm heading there myself once I get the dishwasher going!

Til next time...God bless!

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