Saturday, January 8, 2011

Poop Delays

Are a very real thing! yes, they are!!!

This morning I got to sleep in til 9, but my body didn't recognize this!! Thanks to DJ waking me up a couple times (clue #1) last nite...once to pee, and once cuz he wanted to get in bed with us...I said no, and told him to grab a blanket and pillow for the floor...he did! Next thing I know, he's at me again, no clue what time, and Howie got up and DJ got in...its all a blur!

I got up and made breakfast, which I shared with SamSam....DJ had hardly eaten (clue #2) and gave half his toast to the dog. Howie left for work and I had two naked kids on my hands...they got dressed and we headed out the door...before I get Sam all bundled up I asked if she needed to pee...she did...and pooped...and then bundled her up and sent her out. As I'm gathering the last of what I'm taking with me, she comes in the house and says she needs to poop again....and she did...but man, she took forever!!! In the end, we were a half hour past what I wanted to leave by.

Costco was first stop...I get gas first and then find parking...its NUTS for some reason, and I waited 10 mins for this lady to unload her massive order into her tiny car. DJ is being extremely clingy (clue #3) and extra whiny (clue #4) and wouldn't have anything to do with samples (clue #5) and was starting to look a bit pale (clue #6) So I finished up as quick as possible and met up with my g/f Denise to give her her Avon order...and we checked out. I asked if DJ wanted a hot dog and thankfully he said no (clue #7) so we headed for the truck instead. Got everyone loaded up and off we went for home.

I swear, no more than 3 minutes pass and he's asleep (clue #8) and Sam says to me "I leepy Mummy" and she fell asleep!!! What a gorgeous rainy day for a drive!!! So quiet!! I didn't even want music on...just wanted to enjoy the silence! Spoken like a true mom!!! We get home and DJ woke up within I got him out and in the house...he laid on the couch (clue #9) while I unloaded the groceries...and put them all away. Then I went and got Samantha as it had been an hour for her and that's long enough. She was hungry so I got lunch going for us...DJ still didn't want to now he's got a fever (clue #10) and is in and out of sleep on the couch.

After lunch I go to snuggle with him on the couch....I'm the one in and out of sleep at this point with my human heating pad next to me. All of a sudden he says to me "I'm gonna puke" and I run him to the bathroom....while he's puking all over he floor. Now, at first glance, I thought he was puking blood, but it was too red, and not was cherry kool aid from this morning. Lovely!! We now have a trail of red dots from the living room to the bathroom. He did manage to get it all over him too, so I stripped him down and got him in pj's at that point. He didn't mind. Then back to the couch he went. I was afraid to join him

Dinner was just me and Sam, so I made KD and we had ham and salad with it. DJ was begging for food, so I toast him up an English it's toasting, he dry heaves into the garbage (it was closer) and I was going to refuse him the food...but I know he was hungry..and he did get some colour back in his I let him have it. Nothing to drink, mind you, but I did pour him a glass of ginger ale to let sit for later. He was excited about that.

Once we were done I put on Madagascar  and we all snuggled on the couch to watch really is a cute movie!! And hearing Sam sing "I like to move it, move it" is adorable!!! An hour after the toast I told him he could have his ginger ale...and he gently sipped at it. Very proud of him! He drank half before bed. We waited til Howie got home (and the movie was over) to do bed time.

Well, Miss Samantha has now figured out to delay bed time..."Mummy, I have to pee" has become her newest game!! 4 (FOUR) times she came out and used that line...and 4 (FOUR) times she actually peed!!! Go figure!! So....maybe we'll wake up with a 1 lb diaper tomorrow!! Dry is unrealistic, but less is better!!!

DJ woke up about an hour after he went to bed...peed and went back to bed...Howie did too shortly after that. I watched Grey's and Private Practice from last nite (thankyoudvr!!) and knit the nite away. As I was done and getting started on this post, DJ came out. He needed to pee, no poop, no drink something...ha! He ended up doing all 3 and was very chatty and animated the whole time. Still fevered, but his spirits were in a good place. He told me after getting off the toilet that his feet were asleep and he needed to be too!! Cracked me right up!! As I tucked him in he told me to say good nite to his feet too!

Til next time...God bless!

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