Wednesday, January 19, 2011

After much studying

I failed the exam!!!

This morning I woke up when my leech did at 8:30...but I didn't get out of bed til Howie came in to get ready for his dentist appointment. He fought valiantly, but in the end went...and it was semi-pleasant. At least they didn't biopsy his mouth, which is the part he HATES!!!! In general he hates going....he's the biggest wuss I know for the dentist!

He returned to find us still mulling around!!! The next appointment wasn't til 12pm...and this time it was for both of us. Eye exams! He went first while I put the kids in Play Land...and mom and dad shopped around. Well, turns out, I could only put one kid at that particular time as my one would make it 8 and that's their max! So, I chose DJ to go in and Sam to walk around with me. About 10 minutes later I heard my name called to Play Land...and sure enough, two kids were leaving, so there was room for SamSam. Which was good timing as Howie was done his appt and was waving me over for mine!

I failed!! Miserably!!! Ok, it's not THAT bad!! But its sad to me! I now have astigmatism worthy of weighted the price more than doubles per lens...from 65 to 140....that's a HUGE jump!!!! AND to top it all off....weighted lenses aren't coloured!! :(  so no more baby blues for this girl....all grey from here on out!! For over 20 years now I've had coloured, green or purple (yes! purple...they ROCKED!) and now I have to have my natural eye colour. And get this, my prescription changed for the better...say what? How's that work!?!?! Does that mean that the lenses I'm wearing now are too strong? That makes NO sense!! ARGH!!!!! With the extra expense of my contacts that ruled out getting a new pair of regular glasses...I was quoted 200 for THE most basic, never wear them outside of my home pair of glasses...that's NUTZ!!!!!! You better believe I'm gonna be shopping around! I don't even care how thick those bottle caps are!!! NO ONE WILL SEE THEM!!!!!

After all this, we headed to Alfy's for their customer appreciation a pop and eat all the pizza you want! So the 6 of us ate for 10.86! How often does THAT happen!?!?! Nice!!!! And its the kids' favourite...PIZZA!!!!

The plan after was to walk around downtown...but it was still raining, so we bagged that (its supposed to be nicer tomorrow) and headed home...where most everyone fell asleep! The kids went downstairs, Howie went to our room (I think) and mom and dad crashed in the living room....I did too, for all of 5 minutes til I got a poking to my forehead! DJ's newest nice!!! So then in an effort to keep them quiet, we went to DJ's room....but it was a lost cause....everyone started waking.

Just after 5 I headed out for my Avon meeting, picking up one of my reps on the way. Since it was also at an Alfy's pizza place...I opted for the salad bar instead. The meeting was good and I got to catch up with one of my friends! Traded ideas and learned how to be more organized....I think I'm pretty organized, but sometimes, it does get away from me! All in all, it was a good meeting.

Came home to a quiet house with the kids sleeping and adults watching tv...they were waiting for me to arrive to play cards....and apparently, I have NO luck!! I have yet to win this week!! UGH! We played two games before Howie went to mom and dad and I watched Parenthood and The Good Wife before they hit the, it's my turn!!!

Til next time...God bless!

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