Friday, January 21, 2011

For the first time in 21 years

I've got new glasses on order! YAY me!!!

Yes, you read that right...21 years!! Give or take...I was 17 when I was in a really bad car accident and my then glasses were all I got new ones AND contacts to take the weight off my fractured nose. Sweet deal for me!! But since then, I've never gotten them updated as I only wear them at nite to read and in the mornings before I put my contacts in. So today, while we were out gallivanting...I looked into them. I checked the other day at Fred Meyer and didn't like the price I was I didn't even bother looking at frames there. Today, while mom was shopping at Walmart (where else!?!?) I took a gander at what they had and found one pair I'd "settle" for...but they were red, and I'm not really a red girl...even if I was wearing a red shirt today (which the sales gal pointed out 3 times!) but they did fit good on my face.

After Walmart we went to get gel caps for my parents....they make a lot of their own vitamins and these caps are MUCH cheaper here than back home!!  While eating lunch, Mom called to make sure they got the shipment in and then found out another store also had them, and more of them! So we went to the one in Lynnwood first and then North Seattle. The way we went there had me all discombobulated and all I  knew at that point was to head north to find wasn't til we were almost at costco that it dawned on me how freakin close we were to Krispy Kreme...darnitall!! Woulda been a sweet treat!!

The costco we went to had an optical place, so mom told me to go check out their frame I did...found two I liked and couldn't find mom for her opinion. So I left them on the counter and went in search of them...walked the ENTIRE store before finding them at the bathroom...go figure! So they came back with me and hated both choices! HA! I thought I wanted a pair of dark frames, y'know, to make me look smarter....but they really just wash me out! And I did want SOME kind of bling to them...granted they're more than likely not going outside this house, but still...after many different frames, I settled on another two...both had rhinestones on the was brown and the other dad hated both and said that the bling distracted...what does HE know!?!?! After trying them both on again and again, I picked the brown ones as they were the wider ones and they didn't touch the sides of my face. My mom has perma grooves from her arms...I don't want that!

While I was paying for them (they'll be at my door in 2 weeks!) the rest of them started shopping....which would have been fine had I not discovered after the fact that they added the anti reflective glare to the lenses...not at all necessary!! This required a refund...and then they discovered they forgot to add the shipping cost (7.00 which is WAY less than what it would cost me in gas to drive back down) so I had to wait thru all that before catching up with everyone else. Mom had my list, so she'd already started the shopping and sampling.

It was 4:30 when we got outta there and headed to the gas station to fill up before finally heading home. We were having Jake, Howie's dad and Ellen over for dinner....Dad and Ellen arrived after 3 and Jake showed up about 4:30 and we made it home at 5 after 6....the traffic was HORRENDOUS!!!! Seriously, I have NO clue how people commute every day like that! Its just nuts!!! Dad slept the whole way home and we kept checking on the kids to make sure the stayed awake....within the last 2 miles, Samantha fell asleep! OY!

Got in the house, unloaded the truck and instantly got started on dinner!! Howie had the bbq going and the oven I hopped right to it! I have no idea what time we finally sat down, but boy was I glad there was food in front of me! Good dinner!!! I do know it was almost 8 by the time we got done with time left to bathe kids! So they got pj's instead after everyone left. And into bed about 9...Sam did her usual pee 4 times routine and then not a peep!

I was all set to kick some butt at cards, but Howie went to bed and mom and dad fell asleep watching I laid on the couch (bad idea) to watch something from dvr and fell asleep for a half hour. They woke up about 11 and headed to bed....I watched another program in the dvr and now its my turn to head in.

Til next time...God bless!

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