Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mamma Mia!!

This morning was finally a day to sleep in and yet I get woken by these words "Mum! Sam pooped on the floor! You gotta come clean it up!!!"  To which I mumble, "tell your dad" and he growls, "I heard you DJ, I'll be right there"  Oh the fun starts early around here!!! Next thing I know it's 8:30 and the dog is HOWLING right beside me! I kid you not! Apparently there was  fire truck nearby with sirens and she joined in! So, out she went! Next thing I know it's 9:30 and Howie's waking me up after his shower for work. So I quickly get up and rush to make him breakfast, and he declines as he's going to Freddy's for their grand opening gas prices! 20 cents a gallon cheaper than normal!! That's a steal!

As he was leaving I got a call from the gal who's now doing the books from the school to the library/goodwill run....there was 5 boxes left from the 18 I dropped off!!! WOW!!!! That's so awesome!! I have had correspondence and I'm now to censor the if they look racy, they don't want them...if the word sex is in the title, they don't want them...makes sense to me! LOL  It is a school!

Shortly after that the Avon arrived at the door and I got busy sorting it out and checking out my new shoes!! Let me tell you, they're SO comfy!!! I've been eyeing these flats in the Outlet mag and needing a pair for church...and boy, do these fit the bill!! Super cute!! Even tho they're a 10, they are nice and sleek! I happily wore them out to do deliveries this aft too! I also got my 125th Anniversary bracelet for achieving sales goals for 3 campaigns...LOVE it!!!

DJ had spent the morning next door and came home for lunch, which we ate and then got ready to head out...DJ wanted to go back next door, but they were headed out too, so we made plans for K to come spend the nite and DJ was most pleased with this new development! So off we went!! As we were leaving there was a package at the door from UPS...our new kinect games...DJ whooped with delight and wanted to open it right away...but I put it on the stairs and out the door we went! That was hard for even me to do!

We got home a couple hours later and Samantha was taking a cat nap even tho I'd asked her to stay awake...and chatted her up most of the way home til I realized she'd dozed off on me. Rascal! With the boys having a sleep over, I wanted her in bed normal time, so I woke her up gently and got her in the house. Opened up the box with the new games and got started on them. We got kinect sports which has 6 sports games on it, and Joyride which is a car racing game...that made me dizzy!!! OY! I won't be playing it again as I strained my hernia doing the boost movement.

Dinner was just us 3 again and I had a stroke of genius....I wanted to do an omelet and then spied the pesto and thought that would be a good addition...oh man, was it ever!!!!! Didn't need much either. So fragrant cooking up and even better in the mouth with every bite!! DELISH!!! Maybe this is what Dr Seuss meant by Green Eggs and Ham!?!?! DJ gobbled his up quick, but Sam struggled for the first few bites and got into it.  After dinner DJ called over to see if K was coming over and he was eating dinner...that was the funniest phone conversation I've been privy to! Two 4 year olds chatting ha! DJ played some more sports waiting for K to come...and eventually I texted over to see when he was coming, and he decided to stay home instead. So I put a movie on for the kids and we snuggled and watched Veggietales. Sam is learning more and more words for the opening song...SO cute!!!

Once they were in bed I got busy cleaning the kitchen...and then Howie came home! The kids were still awake (it was within minutes of them getting tucked in) and I shooed DJ back to bed with promises of sending daddy in. Howie put his bag on the counter and went to do tuck ins and Samantha was sitting at the end of the hall and asked him to tuck her in...DJ was anxiously awaiting too! So darling!! Howie ate dinner and I made vanilla ice cream in the vita mix...YUM!!!!!!! SO good!!! Using up the last of the half and half that was left from mom and dad's coffee.

I settled in and watched a new CMT program called Working Class with Melissa Peterman....and had quite a few laughs!! Good show! Even Howie chuckled along to some of it!! Then he went to bed and I instantly put Mamma Mia on. I've been DYING to see this movie forever!!! I found it a week or so ago and dvr'd it for a later date (Yes Fifi, I know, Netflix!!! lol)  and today was the date!!

First of all...I absolutely LOVE Abba and all their songs!!!!! In fact, I put Pandora on Abba to listen even more (as if the movie wasn't enough!) songs and bop along as I'm typing...course its taking longer as I pause to sing along! :D

Ok, back to the movie...what a great concept to take all the songs of a band and create a story to it!! And then set it in Greece...fabulous!!!! Meryl Streep was a perfect choice...even if she was 60 portraying a 40 year old woman...she pulled it off beautifully!!!! And Christine Baranski was also a perfect choice for the best friend...the other woman, I have no clue who she is. The gal who played Sofie, Amanda Seyfried, could very well have been her daughter!! Pierce Brosnan...where do I begin!?!? He is stellar for the role of Bond...but his singing leaves much to be desired!!! That's putting it nicely! I cringed when he did solos...but over all, he was far better than Colin Firth (WHO in the world decided his character should be gay!??!!) and the other guy, Stellan Skargard. The whole thing was just wonderful tho!!! My fave scene was all the guys dancing with flippers on on the dock...that looked impossible!!! Second fave moment was when Christine's character was doing the cougar anthem "Does your mother know that you're out" Perfect!!

Mamma Mia!!!

Til next time...God bless!

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