Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tourist for a day

This morning with no eggs hatching into dionsaurs or alligators, both kids slept til 8:30....most wonderful!! Then, they went in search of Grandma and Poppa...even more wonderful!! I lazed in bed checking on my phone til 9 and then got up. Breakfast was had before Howie came home from fishing...with no fish!! Stories of bites, but no fish!

The plan for today was to be touristy and head to Seattle...after lunch! So, while we waited, Howie set up the Kinect and we played a few games! Man, that thing ROCKS!!!! Its so user friendly, even SamSam can play easily!! Granted she's just copying us, but she did help me win the Space Pop game!! I'm not sure if I enjoyed watching my parents play, or looking at the pictures it takes while you're playing. Yes, even my parents were playing the games!!!

After lunch we shut it all down and loaded up to go. Our destination was Pike Place Market...apparently my dad's never been there in all the visits here...we took my mom when DJ was 8 days old...and borrowed a wheel chair for me, that was awesome! After finding a place to park, we walked in the rain to the market. We didn't find anything to buy, but I did get a couple ideas!! They had these sets of gem magnets, 7 in a set, and I think I'd love to get a set for each kid so they can show off their school stuff on the fridge. I'll be keeping my eyes open! The other thing is something I could possibly make, with some thought, for's a bun roller thingy for the hair...super easy!!!!! And looks great in!

It didn't take long to walk the whole thing really, and we did walk some of the outside vendors...I think we were heading north in less than 2 hours. It was decided on the way that we were making that stop to Krispy Kreme after all!! DJ fell asleep pretty much as soon as we were driving...Samantha had one on the way into Seattle (me too) so she was happily singing to herself.

Dinner was dad's choice...and we tried valiantly to sway his decision to the Crab Pot, but he wasn't havin it! Red Lobster was his desire...and the closest one to home is in Lynnwood, so we headed there. What a yummy feast we all had!! Kids included!! They truly did fabulous in the restaurant til after dinner. Food seems to energize them lol. Their drinks came in cups with lids they could take home...but DJ didn't believe me and insisted on asking a waiter to see if he could take it home. This makes me SO proud! His conscious is kicking in!!

The drive home was quiet as it was mom and dad's turn to nap! We stopped at Freddy's to get some english muffins for breakfast tomorrow morning. Once home, a donut was consumed by both kids and some Kinect was played before bed. Samantha had no problems going to sleep, but DJ struggled for a bit...we heard tapping and the "Mummy" song over and's a one word song! We were playing cards and enjoying his song. I finally won a game too!!! Sweet victory was mine!!!!! Now, we're watching The Mentalist as the napping seems to have delayed bed time.

Til next time...God bless!

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