Sunday, January 16, 2011

Canadian Christmas

Today was busy....but I did get to lounge in bed til almost 9:30!!!!! What heaven!!!! I could hear the kids with my mom and dad....and then I heard Howie come home from fishing...all from the warmth of my cozy bed!! HEAVEN!!!!!

I got up and got dressed...the kids were already dressed, but hadn't eaten breakfast, they told my mom they weren't hungry yet. So while getting my breakfast, made them theirs! And then DJ ate almost 3/4 of a bagel with my dad. After breakfast I went and took a shower and got ready to go Avoning. This was the first Saturday of delivering on my regular schedule...SO good to see some of my customers faces again!! Mom came with me and we chatted the entire time!! We also took a break to shop for a bit...Walmart was beckoning us! Plus we wanted a sub and there's a Subway in the store. Two stone! She ended up getting DJ another Tonka toy...this time a fire truck...and Sam a Tinkerbell watch (which was broken :( when it opened) a shirt for herself and I got the kids Despicable Me!!! They got Christmas money from my sister and this was a good investment!

We got done in Lynnwood about 4:45 and headed back to Monroe where I had another delivery at Freddy's...and we did a bit of shopping in there too! Can't resist! I got two new pillows and a birthday gift for Sam and mom got veggies. We picked up Teryaki for dinner and headed home...with a quick stop at the shed to see what came in. Finally we got home about 6:15 and just took dinner in...unloading anything else could wait...smelling that Teryaki the whole way home made me hungrier!! The kids GOBBLED up theirs and I think next time we'll have to get them their own to share!!! They love it!

After dinner we put on Despicable and dad hadn't seen it and Howie had never seen the beginning. During the movie my dad got very antsy about the luggage still missing. We'd gotten word that it DID in fact arrive on the noon flight today from Joisey...but no idea when it would be delivered. So by 8 pm my dad was gettin see, my mom's diabetic and her insulin was in the luggage. She had enough for a couple days, but there was more than just insulin. It took 3 phone calls from my dad before he got the message across to them that they NEEDED to bring the bag tonite or else! Finally he got word that it would arrive at 9:50.

The kids went to bed quickly at 9 with no fuss....and we got busy playing cards. All the while watching the clock and counting the minutes down to the arrival of the bags. At 9:48 I commented they had two minutes to 9:49 the doorbell rang....kinda freaky!!!! So we finished our game of cards and then dove into the suitcases!!!! OH the wonderful items it contained!!!!! The kids got SPOILED!!!! Beyond spoiled!!! In fact, I had to hide some of it as there was a lot!! 48 kinder eggs are not necessary!!! I left 8 on the table (we ate 4) and put the rest away. It was decided to just leave it all on the table for the kids to find and delight over. They'd gone to bed happy with their new toy-of-the-day already...imagine how excited they'll be tomorrow!!

Til next time...God bless!

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  1. OMG! that is as bad as the 18 monster trucks Nan bought for Clayton! (we made her keep some for "later") :D


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