Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lesson Learned!!!

This morning was a wet wake up call!!! Thankfully not my bed!!! But Sam woke up shortly after 7 and was whimpering at my bed side that she needed to pee...and her jammies were SOAKED!!! So into my bathroom we went and I took the jams off and put them I took her diaper off, a puddle of pee fell to the floor...

Lesson:  A swim diaper will NOT be a good substitute for a night time diaper!! *shakes head* nope, it won't!! Just awful and the exact opposite really!! My poor girl!!

I got her cleaned up and into new jammies and she said she wanted to sleep with me in my bed, so we got snuggled in good...DJ too...and they both fell back to sleep!! I was in utter shock when DJ woke up at 9:37!! Sam was already up and watching tv. She'd had enough apparently! And she's a sneaky quiet one! I was literally floored that he slept that long! I feel like day light savings finally worked for me!! LOL

We ate breakfast and then they got dressed...DJ headed out next door and that me and SamSam on our own....oh and Dora. I got the grocery list ready to go, but was feeling out of sorts with all that extra sleep, so I got busy doing laundry...especially since Sam's bedding now needed cleaning thanks to the peesplosion!! (remember: swim diaper is NOT a regular diaper! ) And then while I was at it, got the dishes loaded up and going...and cleaned the counters...I wasn't suffering from ADD today! 

Next thing I know, DJ's in the house telling me that he was sent home by Mrs Erickson for something he'd said....once I got him calmed down and talking normally I asked what he said and with the straightest face he looks at me and says "Kiss my ass" (does he not know that words to THAT song are "Kiss my country ass")   Yeah....not kool to hear out of a 4 year old's mouth! I asked him where he learned it and he said the wii game that was playing next door...even described the I call over and am reassured that the game does NOT say those words. So we chat about how its not appropriate for him to say and if I hear it again there will be soap involved. He understood and headed back over...and Sam started begging to go too...I was still on the phone, and Mrs E said she could go...I got the biggest hug then! So sweet!

Ummm that meant I had no kids!!! Really...NO kids!!!! And no need to shower since it had only been 14 hours since my last one....already had the dishes done...and laundry felt odd to be at loose ends like that! Was about to go walk on the treadmill, but I saw the boys out on the back deck...and I was getting hungry as it was 2 and we hadn't had lunch. My two and K came over to play...but we had a lunch of cheese and crackers and clementines....yum! Then all 3 of them went to Sam's room to play...I heard screaming at one point and went to investigate...K was "scaring" Sam with the penguin mask and she was fake screaming (which sounds like real screaming but there's a smile involved in the fake screams) and they were having fun.

A little while later K came out and asked if the three of them could go back to his house to, okay! I watched the 3 of them run over next door...Samantha feeling like one of the big kids I'm sure! While they were once again gone, I got busy on making dinner...tonite was an Awana nite and we needed to eat early. As soon as Howie was in the door, I got the noodles on. I did have to call over and the kids sent home for dinner...but they came quickly. And ate somewhat soon as I got done I went and got ready to leave.
Awana was good...I only messed up one name!! Not too shabby!!! And the nite just flew by and before I knew it, it was time to pick DJ up. We stopped at Freddy's on the way home to pick up real diapers!!! I even got Princess pull ups for SamSam...she'll freak in the morning when she sees it...she went to bed with nothing on since there was nothing to put on her (remember: swim diapers are NOT an acceptable replacement!!) and she did good for the half hour or so between her going to bed and me putting one on her in her sleep. Howie was already in bed when we got home, so I got DJ ready for bed and tucked him in. Then sat down to veg. I didn't even have it in me to knit! And if you check the time on this post, its WAY earlier than most...cuz I'm heading to bed now! Not later! :)

Til next time...God bless!

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