Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I think its safe to say

Miss Samantha is potty trained!!! Other than nites, which will come with time, she's fully grasped the whole peeing AND pooping on the toilet!!! Yes, she was a master pooper today!! Or would that be a champion pooper?? In any case, she pooped SIX (6) times on the potty over the course of the day! I kid you not!! Its still pellets, but take seconds rather than an hour in the diaper! She's so darn proud of herself for this accomplishment too!! Its humourous to watch her! Her signs to "go" are much different than DJ's...she will stop what she's doing and cross her legs...much more girly and dainty than dancing-holding-himself DJ!!

This morning before breakfast I got Sam out of her diaper, which was only 3 lbs instead of 5, and then fed them. As soon as they were done eating, they both got nekkid and were running around like crazy kids! Don't they know its winter!?!?!? And freakin COLD outside!??!!? Geez they take after their mother!!!! LOL I corralled them up and got them dressed. At which point DJ asked to go next I said yes "after you put socks, boots, a coat and a hat on"  He musta stopped listening to me at boots...he came up the back stairs a few minutes later and had just his pants and a t-shirt on! Seriously!!! Good thing he's hardwired with a great internal thermostat!

Since they weren't ready for his energy yet, he came home and played very well with Sam...a couple times I had to go in search of them since they were so quiet...and they were just playing nicely! What a change!! What a novelty!! I quiet enjoyed it! After lunch tho, he saw the boys outside and got dressed up properly after a stern talking to and headed out to play. Sam and I snuggled and watched some Dora...I swear, she knows more Spanish than me now!! It is cool to hear her repeat the words and answer the questions.

Howie came home as I was suffering ADD...I'd start a task, get distracted by Sam and her pottying needs, and start another task that I thought of while in the bathroom with her....then I'd sit down for a few, and realize I didn't actually complete anything!! Get up and start over again!! It took me 3 tries to get the dishwasher unloaded! Good thing Howie bbq'd dinner so I couldn't walk away while they were cooking! HA!

After dinner, which was fabulously yummy, and a dessert of sugar free cheesecake, I went and grabbed a shower while the kids played. I came out to pajama clad kids and flossed and brushed their teeth before tucking them in. Football was on, so I sat down in my chair and promptly fell asleep! Um yeah...took a half hour nap at least...and it was kinda nice! I woke up as the game was over and Howie was going to bed. I settled in with my knitting and watched Parenthood and Castle from last nite.

Til next time...God bless!

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