Monday, January 3, 2011

Tales of the Travelling Pants

This morning was a brutal wake up....for I elbowed him in the back trying to make room in my that technically makes me innocent right?? I was dreaming something and was trying to elbow way somewhere...and the truth is, our bed was crowded and I didn't know it I started elbowing my way out...but Howie left and I had two wrigglers who refused to go back to sleep..granted it was 7:30 and who knows how long they were in bed with us. They finally left about 8 and I got another hour...but it wasn't solid by any fact, the last 20 minutes were the best of it!

I got up and showered right away and got ready for church...then dressed the kids and ate breakfast while Howie showered. Then we were off! Surprisingly we made it there on time! I thought for sure we'd be late! Samantha went off to her class and the 3 of us went into the sanctuary. It was after the 1st song that DJ had a bit of a meltdown and Howie had to drag him out while he's saying "no daddy, I'll be good!" and wouldn't ya know it, my phone starts about timing!! I MUST REMEMBER TO SILENCE IT FOR CHURCH!!!!! Honestly!!

DJ came back and was an absolute dream!! Not sure what was said/promised, but he behaved like an angel!! A clingy one, but hey he was quiet and sitting nicely! After service we stopped to talk to Pastor seems the boys next door have been talking to DJ about heaven, and he wanted answers, so I told him he could ask Pastor Dan after we waited our turn and DJ talked to him. Pastor Dan said for DJ to write a letter with any questions he has and that he would write back with answers for DJ. It was touching!

We came home and had lunch....I called my church was a new Avon client who was hoping to meet up with me for their order. Set up a  meeting time with them for 2 and got myself ready to go. So, 2 pm is far too late on a Sunday to get started my I had other errands to run in was a long day! I did get to see Ben and Michael tho...took back 3 skeins of yarn to Ben since Michael had it on sale for half price...yeah, can't beat that! I took back the 3, got 5 AND a new set of needles for the same price! Not too shabby!!! Love me a bargain. And I swear, clocks speed up whenever I'm in a craft store....I honestly don't know how 45 mins can only feel like 5!!! Honestly!!

I did finally get home just before 8...ate my dinner that was waiting in the micro and shared with the kids even...who'd eaten 2 hours before...."but I'm still HUNGRY" is what I heard. They were already in pajamas, so when I was done eating I got them flossed and brushed and into bed. While I was doing the tucking, Howie left to return the movie he watched last nite as we'd forgotten it this morning and I'd forgotten it this aft when I left. Then he watched tv while I cleaned up the kitchen and got his lunch ready....his lunch for TUESDAY as he has tomorrow off because of the holiday. I think he had to remind 5 times that he wasn't working....and as I'm getting his lunch ready it finally dawned on me for real! Yeah, long day!

Once he went to bed I got cozy in my chair and pushed play on Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters...then because it was only 11, I watched Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants I hadn't seen yet....I've read the book, so it was good to see the movie. I even completed the hat I started the other nite...its too big for me but makes me laugh!! 

Til next time...God bless!


  1. We didn't go to Church yesterday morning. After all the activity of the weekend and holidays, I just wanted to relax. I felt a little guilty though so the girls and I started watching videos on GodTube. I was fun. :-)

    I think that is cute about DJ. I hope he gets his answers. :-) Have a great day!

  2. Netflicks, woman, NETFLICKS!!! (and no, I dont work for them lol I just love not having to go out to get and go back to return movies. right on my tv they are)


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