Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I'm in denial

And not, De Nile...denial...where I refuse to believe the obvious!! 

The sneezing....just tickles in my nose

The stuffed up feeling after....hello, I just sneezed! *ACHOO*

The watery eyes...I'm tired

The tiredness...um, I'm tired lol

The Halls I keep sucking on...my throat hurts...no, wait, I like the candy.....oh crap! I don't have time for this...my parents are coming in 4 sleeps!!! Plus, IF I get sick, you know what happens next right? The kids....Howie...then my parents while they're here....the list goes on!!! No, I have no time to be sick!!! *ahem*

This morning the kids were excited to see the snow had stuck around...DJ was the only one who had plans to play in it...but he at least waited til after lunch for that. The morning was spent trying to keep warm on the couch...man, was it COLD in the house!!! I did get some warmth in running up and down the stairs doing laundry. You'd never know by looking at the play room that I cleaned it and had EVERY SINGLE TOY put away...nope! You'd never know! OY! *ACHOO*

After lunch while DJ was outside playing Sam and I were inside running back and forth to the bathroom...she likes to "beat" me to the bathroom when she needs to pee...and I swear she's trying to pee outside the toilet while sitting there! I keep telling her to lean forward, but she looks at me with this glint in her eye and leans back. Such a brat! But, we have been doing the one pair of undies a day thing for a week now! Pretty darn cool if you ask me!! And her little bum is just too cute diaperless!!! *ACHOO*

Once DJ came home from playing outside we loaded up and headed to the shed to do the book sort and pick up...man, if I wasn't cold before...I REALLY was after that!!! I couldn't feel my fingers it was that cold! Since I had no reason to be in town, I brought the books home for another trip later this week...plus, there's 3 boxes of cd's and I kinda thought Howie would like to go thru them first....I was right! *ACHOO*

Howie was late coming home from work and since I wasn't in the mood to really make a big meal...I did soup and grilled cheese....and I think I have found THE perfect way to make the grilled cheese sammy....with 3 cheese seminola bread...oh was it tasty!!!!! SO good...and probably SO wrong for you!! LOL The kids gobbled theirs up first....they're not big on soup....even the kid fave, chicken noodle....they did both eat it tho, just took some effort! After dinner I got another puppet show and got asked to bring the video camera over...what a ham!! Bed time went smoothly and Samantha must have been tired as she didn't even come out once!  *ACHOO*

I then got busy working on my Avon as my order goes in tomorrow and I have forgotten the last couple times to write out my orders first....so tonite I made sure I did that before anything. Howie was busy watching football...the BCS Championship...while the Bachelor was recording! So all was good! Once he to bed and I finished up my orders I got comfy and watched. I must say....I think this is the first time a Bachelor has ejected ALL the drama divas....SO nice!! No need for that crap! I understand that when you put that many women in a competition for one thing it can get fierce, but damn! Drop the drama! :D I have no patience for that...ask Sam! *ACHOO* *ACHOO* *ACHOO*  Aw crap!

Til next time...God bless!

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