Sunday, January 2, 2011

If today is any indication

Of how this year will be....damn, its gonna be a productive one!!!! 

I had the pleasure of waking up with kids this morning...and dang it, they were both up before 8...don't they know that they went to bed late last nite and were supposed to sleep in!!!!?!?!?! I musta forgot to send out that bad!

Howie got home from fishing just after 9 and was fishless again....darn it!! So he crashed for a nap and I got the kids. After breakfast (well before really) I put Despicable Me on as I knew it would be going back in the morning at some point. We all 3 snuggled on the couch to watch it. It really is funny!!! And that theme song is sure catchy!! Been singing it all day!!

I really have no clue what time Howie got up, before noon, that much I know! We all did lunch and then got busy busy busy!!! The task of the day was to change out tables! Howie's dad gifted us his dining table...seats 10 (12 if we push it) when both leaves are in...and its SOLID!!! With no ironing marks or kid marks on them!! New to me, not Howie...I was telling him that tonite's dinner was the 3rd time I've ever eaten at that table!

After our old table was dismantled, I got busy sweeping and then mopping with my new Steam Mop...HOW have I lived so long without one!??!!? Seriously!!! This thing is the bomb!!! So light...SO easy!! And the floors feel amazing!! Seeing that pad tho was kinda gross! Just saying...I did them 3 times just to get it done right! Even did my bathroom floor! It was that easy!! Kept thinking about what my mom said after she got hers "the only thing wrong with it, is that it doesn't work on its own"

Then we brought up the new table and got to work putting it together...and since I was in this cleaning mode, washed it down completely....YUCK!! lol Just the bottom half of the table was yellowed from smoke, and same for the chairs, I even did our own chairs...we kept two of the old ones for the kids to use. And that way we have 6 chairs up here at all times...kind of novel! Once up off the floor, I got busy unChristmasing the tree...I somehow tricked the kids into thinking it would be a fun thing to they helped for the bottom half of the tree. And helped is very loosely used here! The lights were a chore to get off! Sheesh!! I can see where a pre-lit fake tree would come in handy...but even today, more than 4 weeks since we bought it, it smelled GREAT!!!

Hindsight would suggest we would have done the tree right after taking the old table in the end, I did create more work for myself...OY! As soon as the tree was gone, the sweeping started and led to vacuuming! Since it was already after 5 at this point, I only did the living room instead of everywhere. The furniture got put back to normal and Samantha started rolling around all over the floor...we think she missed her space! lol

After dinner I bathed the kids....Miss Samantha hit another potty training milestone! So far, that's ZERO accidents and now, a poop on the potty! She'd been running every 5 mins thinking she needed to potty, but all she'd do is I started telling her she can go poop on the toilet (surprisingly she wasn't asking for a diaper) and trying to distract her while sitting there so her body would take over. 3 times she had me get her out of the bath to toot on the toilet...and the 4 th time I was saying no, but she was persistent so I lifted her out, dried her a bit and put her on the toilet...and SHE POOPED!!!! She was so proud of herself!! I was so excited for her! It was awesome!! And today, was all done in ONE pair of panties!!! YAY!!!!!

As soon as I finished tucking DJ in I ran to town to return the movie we rented last it had to be back by off I went. I stopped at the shed on the way home and got lots of veggies and milk from the run that came in today! I came in from that and was unloading when Howie said my g/f Jackie was going to play Bingo instead of doing the bar thing for her I asked where and what time...and darn it if I could make it! So I went and changed shirts, fixed my hair and headed out!!

What fun!! Of the 16 of us, we had two winners! They both won 10.00 which was what it cost to play! Not bad! I was SOOOOOO close for a couple games...just sitting there waiting for ONE freakin number!! One of the games I needed I-19 and just to torture me, he called I-18 and then a few later he called I-20...after the bingo was number came up on the screen!! DANG IT!!! There was even one jackpot for 25, you know what I could do with that kind of money!!?!?!?! Oh the one won it! Whew! If it can't be me, it shouldn't be anyone in the room with me! :D

Til next time...God bless!

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