Sunday, January 9, 2011

12th Man Roar

This morning I woke up at 9 in almost a panic as the kids hadn't bothered me...and I couldn't hear them!! I got up right away to check on them to make sure they were even here...and wondered if Howie had come home early and was with them. Nope, they were content...Sam in Howie's chair, and DJ on the couch and they were watching tv. So I crept back to the bedroom and got dressed before alerting them to my awakeness. Then I snuck back out and scared them both!! DJ was still not 100% but only slightly fevered...and asking for "round" toast...guess the English muffin was a hit! Sam wanted the same as him so I made two...she wanted peanut butter and Nutella on cookie!

He ate about 3/4 of it and was fine...then about an hour later he had to go to the bathroom.....and when he bent over to be wiped, he got up wrong and had to either it was too fast, or he was upside down too long and something just didn't sit right. In any case, he was back on the couch and just took it easy. Samantha on the other hand was running wild!!!! She was definitely NOT sick and quite okay with DJ not chasing her! She wanted to dress, and he was quite content to stay in his pj's.

I went to snuggle with DJ for a bit, and realized I was on duty to make dinner for friends of ours who just had their 3rd baby on New Year's I got up and got busy with that...well, while I'm in the kitchen, I might as well load the dishwasher and get it going. I made chili for them....but was stumped about what to do with it since they're a dairy free and gluten free home...makes it tough! I did get to use my vita mix tho...I didn't have any cans of tomato sauce, so I took 2 cans of diced tomatoes and zapped 'em in the vita mix and bam, had sauce!!

Howie got home after noon with no fish, again! I already knew that, but still had the kitchen clean just in case!  Instead, I got lunch ready for everyone...DJ wanted round toast again, and this time I added a slice of cheese....he was so happy for that! And I'd already poured him a glass of ginger ale a couple hours ago, and he drank that down easily.

The Seahawks game was scheduled to start at 1:30...and I thought that was a perfect time to go finish off the grocery shopping!! I took Sam and DJ BEGGED me to go with, his fever was gone, and he was bouncing all over the place, but I insisted he stay...I was already taking one kid that if she needed to potty would make me run...didn't want to add a puking one on top of that. So off we went...and I was right...parking was awesome...and hardly anyone in the stores!!!  Sam and I did our best to zip in and out...but looking for gluten free cornbread mix cost us a lot of time! There is no such animal I've concluded. It did finally dawn on me that salad was a good side I grabbed a Caesar kit and called it good!!

We got home and I immediately got busy making brownies for their dessert as I knew they'd eaten those before....and watched the last 5 minutes of the Seahawks game...which really, is ALL I need to see to get excited!!! I'd been getting text message updates about the game so that was helpful to know what was going on. It was during these last 4 minutes that Lynch scored his 67 yd touch down...the guy was a BEAST!!!!! Literally running out of guys trying to stop was awesome to watch!! In the end, the Hawks took the win and it was amazing!!! We are the 12th man on the field!! I had a g/f down in Seattle who could HEAR the 12th man roar...I'm sure it sent tingles up her spine even tho she's a Saints fan.

Once the game was over, I quick called over to let them know I was their dinner angel and not to make anything...and as soon as the brownies were done, I packed the kids and their dinner up and headed over. I didn't let my two out til I knew what was what...but baby Karina was awake, so my two came in and played with the older two kids. I got to sit and hold her...oh so wonderful!!! She smells just awesome!!! And I got to hear about her birth and stats...she barely made a sound!! Other than the pain in my left wrist from holding her just so, you'd never know she was in the room!! SO alert too! My oh my!! After a half hour tho, she fell asleep in my arms and I laid her done in her cradle and gathered my two up to head home. Called Howie and had him put our dinner (pizza) in the oven so it would be just about done when we got in the house. It was! DJ wanted more round toast...the pizza was a spinach/artichoke/chicken deal....too much for his tummy. It sure was yummy tho!!!

After dinner I bathed the kids and then got them in bed. SamSam only came out 3 times for her potty delays...and after the third time's dribble I told her to stay in bed...and she did! She'd taken a nap on my this afternoon on the way that didn't help. Once she was tucked in for the second time I got busy giving Howie a haircut and mustache trim. Never done a mustache before...and I gotta say, I think I did alright!! I can see his lips!! Then he grabbed a shower and went to bed. I watched a movie from dvr and did nothing! My wrist was still sore from holding I just enjoyed sitting. About 11 when the first movie was over, I put on a second and laid on the couch...where I promptly fell asleep for 2 hours! Now I'm heading to bed for more!

Til next time...God bless!

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