Thursday, January 13, 2011

Awana with both of them

Is not so much fun for me!!

Last nite I slept great...could have been longer, but I'm happy!! The kids were busy playing when I got up...and then Sam was hurt somehow and needed we all snuggled for a bit talking about what the day was to hold. I could already tell Sam was in a "mood" so I tried bribing her out of it with an Avon meeting. HA! She got excited for a second and then went back to foul.

Breakfast didn't help her mood either....she ended up spilling her cereal milk all over herself...I think if she was older, it would have been one of those "better back in bed" days. Poor girl! She was on the fragile side of life too...crying at every little bump...even the self inflicted ones!!

About 11 I got a call from David next door asking if he and the younger boys could come over to play...turns out the younger ones could, but he had school to do! I thought the extra boys would be good for Sam, and she did perk up a bit! They were all over the house too! I think it helps that their house is identical to ours...all the kids feel at home in either place. Just before noon I got a call from my upline asking if I was going to the meeting and I decided no....I was told to just bring the kid with me, but with Sam in her state, that wouldn't be fun for I need to conserve gas so I can drive to the airport on Friday!!!!!

It was just after 1 when K and C wanted to go home...well, K did, C could have stayed longer I'm sure! lol It was good timing for us to do lunch...and for me to tell them that Samantha was going with us to Awana. Howie had called and said he was doing a night shift tonite and with it being Awana, he couldn't very well sleep while having Sam with him. She was SOOOOOO excited to get to so with us for once!!

After lunch I put on a movie for the kids while I went and had a shower....and then got sketti sauce going for dinner...which was going to be EARLY!!!!!! I felt kind of like a senior citizen eating at 4:30!! But I needed to stop at the bank and then the ATM...and with having Sam with us, I needed the extra time. Turns out we could have eaten at 4:45 and still have time! lol We sat in the parking lot of the church for a few minutes...and then DJ realized where we were and wanted to get inside! Sam was too young to join DJ, so she was stuck with me. The child peed 6 times (if not more) in the 2 1/2 hours we were there!!!!! Insane!!!! And she peed every time but one...kinda makes it hard for me to do my job with all that running back and forth! Then I had then brainstorm to go to the room where she plays during church and get something for her to play with. That worked...the bucket of animals was just the ticket! And I got my work done on time even!

We got home just after 8:30 and got right to the business of bed time...Howie was up already and eating his dinner/breakfast. So he helped with story time and then tucking in...then hopped in the shower and headed to work. I got comfy in my chair with a blanket and a cat trying to warm up....watched that new show Off the Map...and there were a few times I had to turn away from the scene as it was making my stomach turn. Good intro tho....I'll be checking it out again. Plus, its got the kid from Friday Night Lights...the one who played I'm liking that already. And he's playing someone his own age!

Then I got caught up on my interrupted shows from last nite on On Demand.....and then found a show called American Pickers....I've had a few friends who avid watchers....and it was interesting. They're junk collectors! lol Still enjoyed it!

Til next time...God bless!

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