Friday, January 28, 2011

Someone ought to teach her

This morning DJ woke up when Howie was getting ready for work...he tells me he and DJ had quite the sleepy chat this morning. And then DJ asked to be put in Howie's he obliged. This woke me up....and DJ was really chatty then!!! But then started worrying about not getting another hug and kiss from Howie, so he went in search of one...and then finally settled back to sleep.

After breakfast I got the kids dressed for the day...Sam's gettin really good at picking out her outfits!! Almost matching even!! It cracks me up! She's such a little prancer too!! With everything she does she adds a twirl or a leg lift. If she hugs you, she'll put one leg in the air behind her, bent at the an old school movie actress in Casablanca...where does she get this from!?!?! Not that I want to stop it, its just darling!

Our morning wasn't anything spectacular...and as soon as lunch was done DJ was asking to go next door to play, so off he went! While he was gone, I got dishes going and laundry going and brought up the kids load I did yesterday. Before I knew it, the house was full of kids! The boys next door came home with DJ to play. Since they didn't want to play downstairs and only wanted to watch tv, I suggested which I got an enthusiastic response!! I counted first while they hid...found Sam under DJ's bed, DJ and C in his closet and K was downstairs! He was last, so he got to count next. I hid in the front hall closet...and was last to be found. Truth be told, I was hoping they'd forget about me and let me be in the nice dark closet!! LOL Then we all took turns seeking...til it got silly, all three of the hiders hiding in the same place. So we switched games to duck duck goose...the older two "get" it...the younger two just run when they hear "goose" and its chaos! lol  Not too long after they wanted to play outside, so they did! I went out with them at first to get the mail, which wasn't exciting at all, and realized it was a wee bit chillier today than yesterday, so I got my two coated and let them be. The boys jumped on the trampoline and Sam just dug around with the spade.

Howie came home and found DJ yet again with no coat or shirt on while jumping on the trampoline...the kid has no internal thermometer!!! Its insane! So Howie told him to get re-dressed and told me about it when he got in the house. After a few minutes, Howie was on the couch watchin tv and I was at the computer when all of a sudden Samantha is in the house via the sliding door with no pants or boots on...or undies for that matter!! She needed to pee, so she stripped down (cuz clothes slow her down?!?!) and came in the house! We were both laughing too hard to scold her!! So while she was on the toilet Howie went in search of her clothes and found them at the bottom of the stairs at the back. Once the laughter subsided I explained to her that she needs to keep her pants on til she gets in the house. She said then that she didn't want to be outside she hung up her coat and put her boots away.

Since Howie was watchin tv she asked if she could watch something, and I told her to go downstairs, to which she replied "tv broken" and I told her I fixed it. So off she went for downstairs...about 2 minutes later we heard a bang and she started screaming...Howie can move fast!! He got to her a second before me, she fell trying to reach for the, why she needed the remote, I'll never know! Aside from her pride, her nose was fine and she came upstairs with us. Snuggled into daddy's arms and happily squealed when he put Dora on at her request. Yup, she's got him wrapped around her pinkie finger she does!!!

DJ came in shortly before 5 and we all watched Dora before I got dinner started...and while dinner was cooking. After dinner the kids got that clean kid smell!! One of my fave smells! Then they got put in bed...thanks to the fresh air they both instantly fell asleep! LOVE those nites!!! I then grabbed a shower while Howie watched Idol auditions in Nashville....and made me watch the very last one when I came out...she was good!!! Then we watched Bones...a show I've never seen but have many friends who love it...and since Grey's was a repeat, I didn't bother changing the channel. Kinda hard to jump into a series with a history when you've never seen it before...but I can see the appeal of the show. Then it was Royal Pains and a new show on USA network called Fairly far I'm liking it!! And USA is batting 1000! All their shows seem to be really good!!!

Til next time...God bless!

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