Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Goodbyes suck!!!!

But at least they aren't nearly as bad as they used to be!!!

Today we got up uber early to drive my parents to the airport. My mom woke me at 7:30 and I was surprised to learn I was alone in bed!! DJ soon joined me tho, complaining how the light under his door woke him up (yet he sleeps with a night light on!!) so he came into my room. We were talking about what was going to happen today and all of a sudden he exclaims "Mum, my penis is TALL!!"

And cue laughter!

I was so taken off guard by this comment that I told him to take his hands out of his pants...and he tells me they're not IN his pants...so I change the subject! I know now, for next time, to explain to him that it means he has to pee...and send him on his way! OY!!!

About 7:50 Miss Samantha came in my room to join us...she'd been woken by Grandma and wasn't pleased!!! She snuggled for a little bit before needing to pee (thank God she didn't have a tall penis!) but really she'd already done it in the diaper...so we pretended. I got dressed and we came out to eat breakfast, which my mom had already gotten ready for us.  I wanted us out the door by 8:15, and we almost accomplished that! The real goal was to be on the road by 8:30...and we did do that! First stop was for gas and then we were Southbound to the airport.

I have to say, whoever came up with the HOV lane is a freakin GENIUS!!!!! We flew by miles and MILES of traffic that was stop and go! Once we passed Bellevue tho, it was pretty smooth sailing. Til I had a cop pull in front of me and pull over as there was something in the road....scared the youknowwhat outta me too! Did he REALLY have to scare me like that?? I would have seen it and avoided it...this way I had to avoid him AND the piece of metal in the road...like an obstacle course!

In any case, I got them to the airport about 10 mins past their 2 hour mark...and since their first flight was domestic, they weren't doing customs til they hit Toronto. So it was all good!! We hugged them good bye and headed for home. The kids were sad, but know that they're coming back in the summer again....that does take the sting away!! Melancholy is what we all felt....they didn't want a movie...I didn't want music....so we just looked out the windows for a while as we drove home.

Instead of going straight home for the nap I wanted SO badly, we stopped at the shed to gather books. I had no intention of doing anything with them, but knew that new ones were coming in, so wanted to do it before I got lazy! We were home by 11:45 even with our pit stop for an hour plus. Not too shabby!! I got started on lunch as we were all hungry from an early breakfast. Then came time to rest...but really, there's no rest for the wicked...and today, I musta been the wickedest! lol  I had phone calls to make and bills to pay now that real life has resumed.

DJ went next door about 1 for what I thought was time at their house...but I was mistaken, just as I'd drifted off on the couch (finally) he came in with K and C to play...so they all went downstairs to make all the noise they could!! DJ's new garbage truck and fire truck were a hit! Not to mention the flashlights!! They sure did have fun!! Howie came home to it all too!! Just in time for me to grab a shower!! I had an Avon meeting tonite, and needed to smell better! lol Plus, I needed to wake up! It worked!

I came out and dinner was on the go...so I added to it and we sat down to eat...I then got up and left pretty quickly to go to Lynnwood for my meeting. It was a short and sweet meeting...trying to gain more recruits and how to do that. There were 6 of us, so it was small...but good! Then I stayed behind and chatted with Rachel more as originally it was supposed to be our unit's meeting. I was outta there by 8:30 and home shortly after 9! Howie was still up and watching fishing shows and I was dealing with Avon order texts...got all that sorted just as he was going to bed. Since he'd already done the dishes, I got his lunch and coffee ready and sat down to watch Beauty (Brad) and the Beasts (some of them really are!) aka The Bachelor....honestly...WHAT does he see in Michelle!?!?!?! Emily I get...Chantal I get...Britt I get...but Michelle!?!?! UGH!! Such drama and high maintenance! His recreation for Emily was super sweet!! And shows a lot of thought went into it beforehand! Makes me go hmmmm lol Next week looks terrifying for her tho with the whole race track thing.

Til next time...God bless!

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