Wednesday, January 12, 2011

This ain't no Little House

This morning was horrendous for me!!! Or rather, the nite was! I went to bed normal and just lay there...tossing...turning....going from side to side...then on my back...and looking at the clock...waiting for sleep to claim me!! UGH it was awful!!! Last I looked it was 4 am...and DJ came to me at not a good nite for me!

On the bright side tho...Sam came to me this morning nekkid and with clothes to get dressed in....seems she'd gotten out of her pj's and pull up and went potty all by herself....the pull up was dry!!! She did this first before even coming to me as DJ and I were snuggling in bed. Kinda kool!!

The morning was an Avon one...I pretty much had done it all yesterday, so today was tying up loose ends and just hitting submit! Which was good...the kids were all over the place! So once I was done, we snuggled on the couch and watched Dora....I'm amazed at how easy it is for Sam to repeat words in Spanish like she was born to do so.

After lunch I sent the kids next door, per her request, and tried to nap. It didn't escape my attention that it was 3pm and exactly 12 hours from the time I was struggling to sleep in the first place...and here I was in a quiet house, no kids, no noise, no nothing and still couldn't just fall asleep! I did enjoy warming up under the blankets tho...and did doze for a bit as I was awoken by Howie calling...and then my neighbour to let me know that Sam was done being over there...but that really she just needed to pee and was fine. Howie came home before they did and I was still laying down. I'd already decided to do an easy dinner with little to no I enjoyed being lazy.

Dinner was burgers even tho it was FREEZING outside!!!! They'd been predicting this EPIC snow storm for a couple days now, and we kept waiting for it to hit....lots of wind, but no snow. Our power went out about 20 after 4 too...should have known that was a precursor for what was to come! After dinner I bathed the kids and then got them in bed. Samantha took extra helpings of tucking in...she got out 3 times and peed all 3 times...go figure!

Howie went to bed right after he got done tucking DJ in...and I came out to get his lunch ready and then sit and veg...I got all settled and comfy and started watching the Glee re-run that was tonite...and about 10 mins into it the power went out. It flickered a couple times and then just stayed dark. So I went in search of a lighter...that took me 5 minutes. Luckily we keep a flashlight handy! I got some candles going and then sat and played on my phone. 17 minutes later, I was officially bored!! LOL I'm SO not cut out for Little House on the Prairie!! It was too dark...and too quiet....and too eerie! About 5 mins before 11 everything came back on. the 40 minute interruption made my dvr selections tonite useless...kinda need the middle of the show to make it all make sense! 

Til next time...God bless!

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