Wednesday, January 26, 2011

She really is a champ!!

Today we embarked on yet another phase of the whole potty training thing....she's going by herself completely without even telling me she needs to pee! She sees DJ do it every day, so it really shouldn't surprise me, but I wasn't expecting it so soon! And for some strange reason, she doesn't like the light on in the bathroom when she pees...all I can do is shake my head at it! This all started this morning when she came out to me with her pants and undies in her hand prancing around asking for help to put them back on. So I asked if she needed to go, and she told me she already did! WOW!! This floors me!! Now, we work on the washing hands EVERY time she goes business! Wish me luck!

This morning was also Avon ordering day, so I was on the phone and computer checking to see who else needed ordering done...not sure how I pulled it off, but as of yesterday I had barely 100.00 in orders, and yet I got over 400 by noon today! LOVE when that happens!! I'm SO close to my goal of making President's Club this year...and I have only 4 campaigns left to do it in! I can almost taste it!!

Just about 11 I got a call from mom and dad, I'd missed their call last nite but she left a message saying they'd call today, so they did! Glad to chat with them...feels like just yesterday they were here...oh, wait! They were!! lol  I know, not THAT you still chuckled tho! So we chatted for a bit and then I got back to submitting my order....with 15 minutes to spare! I got lunch going for us and they were both excited for pizza for a change! Even tho we DID have a week ago for lunch at the restaurant!! What do they know eh? I was just getting sippy cups ready when there was a knock on the door from K and C wanting to come in and they did! Up and down and up and down...I tried keeping them downstairs, but more so out of DJ's room, they trashed it yesterday and took Howie a bit to clean it up. In the end, they played xbox together and that was cute! DJ teaching K how to do the river run games. Then they had the brilliant idea to go outside. Sam wanted to go, so I let, did it get quiet in here FAST!!!! So I used that moment to go pee alone!! Of all the things I could do with silence, I chose going to the bathroom alone! LOL  Well, it didn't last long, I heard SamSam crying her way up the stairs outside and in the house to me...she'd banged her head up, so we put vanilla on it. As I got done that, I look outside to see 1 naked and 2 half naked boys bouncing on the I told DJ to get his butt inside and get a coat on!

He was out there for maybe a half hour before coming in, and sitting nice and quiet watching the new Veggietales movies....its SUPER cute to hear Samantha sing along with the opening song!!  SO cute! Howie came home bearing junk mail and the newspaper...and news he was pullin a graveyard shift he kissed us all g'nite and headed for sleep. That took the pressure off dinner!! So I watched Dora and Diego and some Penguins with the kids til dinner time. All the while keeping an eye on Sam whenever she went running in the direction of the bathroom.

Dinner was low key since it was just us three...and then it was bath time! Man, they needed that! I needed that!! I was missing that fresh kid smell! Just as DJ was getting in and Sam was getting out of the bathroom, Howie got up and surprised her at the door! She liked that! So he helped me with the bed time routine and soon they were sleeping! Samantha was not happy with my choice in bed time music...I wanted her to listen to the new Veggietales lullaby cd...she wanted we compromised for tonite she'd have Veggietales and tomorrow she could go back to Barney. I did sit and sing 4 songs with her from the lullaby one and even had her fave song Itsy Bitsy Spider on it...she mouthed the words barely, but wouldn't sing it with me! Rascal! 

Howie ate his dinner and got ready for work...I got comfy with the remote and a cat on my lap! Since there wasn't anything on tonite, I watched quite a bit from Desperate Housewives from 10 days ago and Brothers & Sisters from the same nite...and Castle from last nite. All were good...Castle had me on the edge of my seat tho!!! The continuing, or base, story is gripping!!! Nathan Fillon is perfect as Rick Castle! Now it's time for bed...haven't got much to do to get ready as I gave my eyes a jammies day...didn't even bother to put my contacts in! They're thanking me too!!!

Til next time...God bless!


  1. where's all the random thoughts and explanations you talk about. yawns

  2. Gawd, this anonymous character annoys me. I never get upset when someone has differing opinions, but when they are so ashamed of their views that they hide under the "anonymous" title, it drives me to distraction. If he/she doesn't like your blog, dont read it!!! And if you have different views, state them in a more constructive way and identify yourself, you idiot. I know I shouldn't react at all, it just gives them attention they don't deserve, but I know you won't, Missy, because you are a better person than I, so I am saying this for you: (in a way more polite way than I am actually thinking) BUZZ OFF ANONYMOUS


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