Tuesday, January 4, 2011

One more day

To the weekend kinda throws me off a bit!! But it was a nice change!! The kids got up normally and we got to the breakfast thing before we heard from Howie, who wasn't have much luck in the fish dept...said he wanted to check out another place for fishing...little did I know that was code for "I'm gonna try another place" lol It was just before noon when he rolled in! We were just getting lunch ready to go....so we all ate together.

I had to eat and run as today was book day at the shed, and I'd already gotten word the books were already picked up yesterday, so I needed to hustle buns! It was good to go by myself and just work! There were 14 boxes today...and thankfully I only found 2 books for myself! Some days, I'm not so lucky...in that I bring a half dozen home! So, two is okay! And one of them isn't for me..so that's even better!

I also enjoyed listening to my podcast while working away...my new ear buds from Avon are freakin awesome!! They're the in-the-ear kind...they look like a small mushroom and go right in the ear. No one else can hear my music...the only downside...I can hear myself singing along...lol  I remember the days of sitting in the back seat with my walkman singing along...sorry mom and dad!!! Yet, I can't wait for that with my kids!

Once the books were loaded up I headed into town...drove thru the bank, dropped off some stuff to the consignment shop, then St Vincent de Paul and the library and finally home. DJ was outside playing when I got home, and Sam was inside watching Caillou with Howie. I got busy right away making chili for dinner...its always better if it gets to sit and marinate! While it was doing its thing I got busy on the computer looking up school info. One of my online mommy friends was already talking about registering her soon-to-be 5 year old for kindergarten...and it got me thinking about what we're doing for DJ. We're not in a good school district, so we'll be trekking him somewhere! And then, do I want 5 days a week or 3....sheesh! Is it worth it for us to get the after school care so that Howie can pick him up on his way home from work and I'm not doing extra miles to go back into town to get him....decisions, decisions!!!  I think registering for the school we want him in starts in Feb...that's not that far away!! YIKES!!!

After dinner I bathed the kids...Samantha actually wanted a bubble bath, so bubbles she got!! Oh she enjoyed them thoroughly!!! She's doing so fantastic with the potty training too!! Amazing! Now, if only her body would clue in to waking up in the middle of the nite instead of filling that diaper full! Guess I'll still be buying diapers for a while...darn it! They both went to bed easily....DJ was almost asleep when I came in to tuck him in....the fresh air today wore him out.

Tonite was the start of the new Bachelor season...or is it re-season...OR the Brad the Sequel!! I really do hope he's really in it this time!! Did you see there were 3 girls from WA on this time!??! And if I'm not mistaken all 3 made it thru the first cut! One of them is even from a neighbouring town!! Where costco is! How wild would that be to have it get to the home town dates and it was already here in WA without any fuss/muss!!! hmmmm lol Oh, and the chick with the fangs....PUHLEEZE!!!!!! Seriously!?!?! If those are her real teeth, she's got issues! If they're caps, ok kool, take 'em off now, you've made your impression! oy!

Til next time...God bless!

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