Thursday, January 20, 2011

The bustling metropolis of Monroe

This morning DJ woke up just after 7 to check on his mom got these eggs that when put in water crack and an animal breaks out of the shell...they were read at 7:15! Lucky me!! Howie was gone fishing and my parents were still sleeping. The alligators kept them busy, cuz you know he woke Sam up for hers...and then I heard my dad's voice.

When I got up just before 9, no one had eaten and Howie wasn't I made egg mcmuffins without the mc....delish! Even DJ wanted one!!! My dad wanted two, but I didn't have enough muffins....darn it! While eating we discussed what was on today's agenda....and the fact that the sun really was shining!!!!! I went and grabbed a shower, and then Howie followed suit and we were ready to go by 11:30!

Our destination....downtown Monroe!! We drive it all the time, but have never walked it! Today, we walked it! And looked in most of the windows...popped into a few stores and just took our time! Didn't take long to walk up one side and back the other....I think there were 100 antique felt like there were!  We had one more place to go, but it was further down the road, so we walked back to the truck and then drove there. Mom and Dad got out to check it out...but didn't find anything.

From here we didn't really have a plan, so we drove to Howie's work....I got a nap on the way, and I'm not sure who else did, but it was quiet!! When we got to the club, Sam was sleeping...but DJ was still awake. Dad and Howie went in....they're doing an expansion in a couple years and already have a model I sent my dad in to check it out. Its pretty neat what they're gonna do the to place. It was also bonus day, so that was the main reason to go! On the way home, DJ joined SamSam in the sleeping travels!! Man, was it ever quiet in the truck then!!!! ha!

Back in Monroe by 2:30, we headed for home...tonite was an Awana nite, so that meant early we snacked on apples and yogurt to tide us over til dinner....which was dad's fave, Teryaki!! This time we added a couple orders of gyoza...and they were gobbled up!!! YUM!!!! Very shortly after dinner DJ and I left for town. We we got to church we noticed the FULL moon!!! So when we got out, DJ just HAD to find it and howl!! That's my boy!! Awana was good...but I think I'm getting too good at what I do as I had LOTS of time to spare tonite! DJ's class ran late, so I stood outside his door watching him without him noticing me...he really IS a different kid!!! It was fun to watch him interact with all the kids in the room and be good! *sigh!!!*

We got home and SamSam was waiting up for us!! Howie had a first...he bathed Samantha for the first time ever!!!! And said it was EASY!!! Guess who's doing more bathing!!!! LOVE it!! So we got the kids in bed and watched the last hour of AI....I'm undecided as to whether I like J.Lo and Steven Tyler...then we played two games of cards which I lost at....stupid cards!!!! I swear, they're jinxed!! ARGH!!!! After Howie went to bed, and mom went to get ready for bed, I sat and watched Off the Map with my dad (til mom called him down) and I must say....even tho it's only two episodes in, I REALLY like that show!!! The snake story was creepy!! You see how big that thing was!??! *shudder*

Til next time...God bless!

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