Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rapunzel, Rapunzel

Let down your hair...so I may use your golden stair.

Can ya guess what we did today?? lol

This morning I slept in til 10:30!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it!?!?! Not a peep from my children either!!!! I did wake when DJ woke up beside me at 8:30 and thought to myself "gee, I'll just doze off til 9 and then get up" so imagine my surprise when I open my eyes at 10:30!!!!! I sure did feel well rested!!!!

Since the morning was gone! I looked forward to the afternoon! The plan was...go to the shed and sort out what was asked of me...come home and have lunch and a rest...head to the movie theater and then out for dinner. Perfect!!!

Everything went according to plan too! Couldn't have asked for a better day! Well, other than the down pouring rain!! Man, it was really coming down too!!! The rivers around here are flooded and the creeks are now rivers!!!! The ditches are now creeks! Its insane how much rain we've had!!! Truly!! We're good so far up on our hill...but if our creek/rivers go over, we may be screwed a bit. we do have one way out that has no bridges, so that's good.

The movie...was AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Now, I've never read the story of Rapunzel...but knew that famous line that everyone knows! And the kids, well, they could have cared less....WE WERE GOING TO A THEATER!!!! That's what excited them the most! 

Tangled...was beautifully done!!! The animation is Disney, so its good! And the innuendos were kept to a minimum! Finally! And I did get to see Sam laugh a couple times at some funny parts. It was while at dinner that I googled Rapunzel and learned a bit more about the story. Such as....it was originally written in 1698!!! I just find that fascinating!!! Now, the original story is nothing like what's being portrayed in Tangled...and I must say, I like Disney's adaptation!

After the movie, we chose a 5 pm movie, we went for dinner down the street at a restaurant called Canyons....YUM!!!!! It was their rib nite...so mom, dad and I had that, Howie had fish and chips and the kids chose what they wanted! Everyone left happy and full!! Yet, we stopped at Dairy Queen...a weakness for my dad! And an indulgence for me and Howie! SamSam quickly learned I was sharing mine with her, but it took DJ a bit to warm up to sharing with Poppa!!

All in all, the kids weren't in bed too late...9, which isn't too terrible I guess! LOL And we settled in to watch some stuff on dvr...quiet nite! Howie went to bed at 10:30 and mom and dad were gone by 11...so I got to watch the Bachelor WITHOUT any commentary!! Yes!!! I must commend Madison for making her decision...no sense waiting for a connection to happen if it hasn't already in 3 weeks...and especially when you see it happening with other women and this ONE guy!!! Kudos to her!!! And she's much prettier without the teeth in the way!  Michelle...that girl is gettin on my nerves!!!!!!  Honestly!! ugh! The date he had with Emily had me in tears!!! I just can't imagine that kind of tragedy!! I'm noticing also, he's weeding out the blondes....if you look at his last season, his two finalists were brunettes...interesting no?

Til next time...God bless!

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