Monday, January 31, 2011

Damn you Hallmark!!!

This morning I found yet ANOTHER unpleasant way to wake up...leg cramp!!!! Son of a gun that hurt!!!!! I thought I was having a seizure til I fully came to and remembered to flex my foot. I'll be damned if that muscle wasn't gun shy after that!!! This must have happened shortly after 7 as it was 7:17 when Samantha came in the room crying and mad at me!! I'm still giggling about this one. You see, yesterday they got helium balloons from the party, both of them even napped on the way home holding tight to the string they both went to bed with their balloons on their dressers awaiting them to wake up....only, they didn't quite survive the nite. They'd gotten droopy...and for that, Samantha was mad at me! She thought I'D done something to make her balloon that way and then threw the shoe it was attached to at me. Go ahead, laugh...I did too!!

Now, I'd done the smart thing and left a sippy for each of them hoping they'd leave us be for a few more winks....til Sam had to pee anyways...then Howie was up with them and I got another hour of sleep. I woke shortly after 9 and got up and had a shower before church. Even had time to put make up on!! Samantha loves when I put make up on and is right in there with me! Today she got some fake blush and eye shadow...which actually did put some sparkle on her eyes. You could tell she felt lady like! It was darling!

We took separate vehicles to church so I could go on from there and do my Avoning. Also to avoid the drama of me leaving DJ and all the worked for the most part!! I was on my way and off to Lynnwood....thankfully the roads were dry and the sun was trying to make an I was able to use the cruise feature!!! Most everyone I visited was home, so that was nice...but yet I still managed to not dawdle too much and even had time to make a pit stop at Joann's fabric...the baby blanket I'm making for church needed more yarn...and I also have a g/f who's having a baby and I found some really nice yarn to make a layette with. I can't wait til she hears the name of the yarn...and I won't say anything here for fear of her reading this :)

I made another stop on the way home at the shed and got a box of goodies to bring home....DJ was thrilled with the sandwiches I got! Since it was after 5 we got started on dinner when I got stuff put away. Not having propane for the bbq limits our choices, but Howie broiled up burgers for us and I did some tortellini and steamed broccoli with a Caesar salad. YUM!!!! After dinner I gave the kids a bath and then they went to bed...easily too!!! They'd done a lot of wrestling while I was gone. The boys tried making DJ's car for the Grand Prix race, but the saw blade quit working, so Howie's hoping to get it in to work and sharpen it up so they can make the car ASAP!

Once the kids were in bed I offered to cut Howie's hair (per his request) but thankfully he declined and I was able to finally sit for a minute!! Or  Howie was watching some tribute thing for Chaka Khan (SP?) and decided to go to bed...dodged that bullet! Not a fan....and there wasn't a cowboy hat in the bunch!! :P So once he departed, I flipped to Extreme Home Makeover and dozed off! Oops! Musta needed it!! I woke up at 10 and put on the Hallmark movie I was recording.

The Lost Valentine had me in tears within 5 minutes of starting...damn you Hallmark!!! And the tears didn't stop there either...they just kept on flowing! What a fabulous story of love!! And Betty White needs an Oscar for this movie...even if it IS a Hallmark one...she was amazing!!! Have you noticed she's everywhere!?!?! lol  Truly a great movie!!! I was literally sobbing and couldn't breathe in the end!!! Damn you Hallmark!!! I will also add, my mascara withstood the barrage of tears!! Thank you Avon! :)

Til next time...God bless!

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