Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dear Someone

Dear Continental....thanks for bringing my parents from Toronto to New Jersey and then to Seattle. You were way off on the arrival time tho and I had to circle the airport 5 times looking for these two white haired people! All the while, praying my newly potty trained daughter wouldn't utter the words "Mummy, I have pee" Oh, and thanks for not sending my mom and dad's baggage!! If you'd arrived in Newark at the agreed upon time, they wouldn't have had to run thru the airport to get on the plane that was being held for them. Like I said, if you'd been on time, their luggage could have made the flight with them. Also, it was totally not cool that you didn't forward it on the next flight to mom needs her medicines!!!! Major FAIL!

Dear SeaTac....your circling loop is bearable if a little long...and for a Friday afternoon, totally doable!! I have to say, your show of support to the Seahawks was AWESOME! I was able to get a pic of the sign and post in on twitter. Yeah, I roll like that!!!

Dear Seattle Police Dept...the escort you gave the 4 bus convoy transporting the Seahawks to the airport was awesome!!! They literally stopped traffic for the buses to merge into the highways. The flags the cop cars were sporting were pretty neat too flying in the wind!!!

Dear 12th man...your sendoff was awesome to see!!! All the flags, jerseys and pompoms were a sight from the freeway on the overpasses and bridges .Even Matt Hasslebeck tweeted that he was humbled by it all! That was me honking by the way!!! :)

Dear Sam...thanks you SO much for waiting til we got to costco to have to go potty!! you did amazing!! And I especially love how you warmed right up to Poppa right away!! he's teasing you most of the time y'know!

Dear Computer...YOU SUCK! It shouldn't take me an hour to type out so little...stop freezing up on me!!!

Dear DJ You were totally captivated by the 10.00 toy Grandma bought you today. It's a Tonka garbage truck that works and he's able to pick up any kind of garbage (his hotwheels work for him) and then dump it in the back and crush it and shove it in the back container and then dump it all out. He played with that thing for 4 hours with a short break for dinner Its currently on his dresser waiting for him to wake up!

Dear Pillows....I'm coming...this stupid computer is driving me batty and making me finishing now instead of later!!

Til next time...God bless!

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