Sunday, January 23, 2011

There's an APP for that!!

I now have a fake Kindle....cuz there's an APP for that on my blackberry!!! Sooooo all the free books I keep seeing/hearing about from the Frugal Gals on facebook....I can get 'em!!! Or, if I want to buy the book, I can do that too!!! So far, I have 4 books! Even started one today while we were travelling all over Snohomish county!

This morning was lazzzzzzy!!!! The plan was running mom and dad's last there was no real rush to the day! Howie got home from fishing about 10, ate something and then my dad told him to go take a he did!! Then we all took turns showering. DJ was positively THRILLED to join the neighbours outside in the sunshine riding bikes...happier than a pig in shit really!!! Its been a long week for him not being able to go play whenever he wants to. Samantha enjoyed having control of Dora and Diego too! Me, I enjoyed the couch's capability to accommodate my prostrate position!!!

We were all showered before lunch tho and decided to eat before heading out. First stop was Lowes for these playmat things my neighbour told me about that were on sale for half price...they're now waiting for birthdays as grandma and poppa bought those. Then costco, where I tried to get Howie's contacts ordered but ran into a bit of a snafu! The trial pair he was given from the doc we saw last week, hurt his eyes...and he could only wear them for a couple hours....we got the call yesterday that his were in, so I called today to cancel them as he didn't want them. Didn't realize that because the prescription says for that specific brand, costco can't just order the ones we want. So, I called Freddy's while sitting there to ask them to fax over a corrected Rx and was told it would be done on Monday. Which is good! They're worlds cheaper at costco!! I'll just have to figure out how to submit if to insurance to get the rest of our allowance back. Dad was shopping while I was doing this, and I finally found him in the checkout line.

Next up was Lynnwood, for World Market...this is a store mom and dad like...and they do carry a few Canadian a price!! Sheesh!!! There was a Crunchie bar, just a normal sized one, for 1.99!! That's insane!!! I didn't even check the price on the Aero and didn't see Coffee Crisp anywhere!  Next up was a store just down the strip from World Market called Storables...this is mom's little guilty pleasure! She likes this store! I do too! I found some good sized containers to hold my lipstick samples...and a hair catcher for the bathroom drain, and a sugar packet holder, and an empty spray bottle for Infusium...the kids stole mien for their bathroom. lol

While most of this was going on, the kids were napping in the back of the truck! So Howie enjoyed the quiet while we were shopping. They woke up just as we were coming back, so a good hour and a half! YIKES!  Next stop was Family Christian Bookstore...and the kids came in for this one, as I knew Sam would need to pee! DJ too apparently! While in the bathroom area, there was a piano that was inaudibly begging my children to bang on it! oy! Then we found the kid section and they were in Veggietales heaven!!!!! ALL kinds of toys and books, and cd's and videos, and dolls, and and and...they were just in awe!! This was DJ's favourite part of the day...he thought it was just great to see all of it! They got 3 videos from grandma and poppa and I got them each a cd to play in their rooms.

Next up was Walmart (where else!?!?) as dad needed shoe laces and wood while they were doing that, I got some groceries that I know are cheaper!!! Worked out well I'd say! Then we were on the road to home!!! I fell asleep reading the Kindle app...not sure who else dozed off, but the kids were happily watching one of their new dvd's!! I love how if you fall asleep on the ride home, a 45 min ride feels like 5 minutes!!! The best!!!!

Once home we scurried to get dinner going as it was well past 6!!! It was delicious too! DJ thought so as he gobbled up more pork chop than I thought he would!! And the tortellini we got from costco was beyond what any of us expected!! It was DELISH!!!! Dessert was a donut! Hey, no different than cake really!! And more tastier I'd say! 

Since the kids had such long naps, bed time was pushed back...which allowed for some Kinect time!! DJ's really getting the hang of moving the cursor to where he wants it to go! And he's getting better and better at every game he tries! He beats his own score every time!! I just wish he'd stick to one game for more than one turn! And I've noticed he doesn't use his left arm or leg near as much as he hopefully this will help him get more mobility there.

Finally got them in bed for 9:30 and it was card playin time!!! Dad was rubbing mom's legs, so we waited til he was done that and got down to playing. I won the first game!! WOOT!!!!! And mom won the second game...just like last nite come to think of it!! By then it was after midnite...Howie went right to and dad watched a bit of tv and I got started blogging!! Now, its bed time!!!!

Til next time...God bless!

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