Thursday, January 27, 2011

If I didn't know better

I would have sworn it was April and not July!! Today got to 58 and we even had sunshine!!! Gorgeous!!

This morning was a warm spot switch!! Howie came home just as I was getting up, and he literally took my warm spot in the bed....I do that every nite almost from him and love it!! I swear he was snoring within seconds!! Then I had the dubious task of keeping kids quiet for the next 4+ hours!  Thankfully about 10:30 DJ went next door to see K and C and stayed for an hour or so...and Samantha was content by herself! I got started on some laundry as Miss Samantha went commando for the first time in her life! Where's my laundry fairy!?!?!

It wasn't til I got down to the laundry room that I saw the lovely mess DJ created for me!!! He ever so graciously took the two new bottles of ALL downstairs to the laundry room...and apparently DROPPED THEM ON THE FLOOR!!!!!! At which point,one cracked and leaked all over the floor under the dryer!!! What a sticky, gooey mess!!! I got most of it...what I could get, the rest will have to wait til Howie moves the dryer for me and I can underneath it with the steam mop! UGH!! At least it smells nice...right?

Then I got busy doing dishes...Howie filled it last nite and I ran it, so it needed emptying...but DJ came home and wanted lunch, so I stopped mid unload and got to work on lunch. After lunch DJ kept bugging to wake Howie up as it was such a nice day, and in his mind, nice days equal bike rides!!! Oh to be 4!!! I swear he can tell time now...I told him we were waiting til 1 and then he could wake him up...he waited til 3 minutes til and went in! lol He had just enough patience to let Howie eat something and then the bugging started. I on the other hand went and got ready to head out for my errands.

I was going to take Samantha with me, but she opted to stay home...fine by me!! I had my brochure stand loaded up and a drawing box done up for the salon I deal with...they were my first stop! Then the bank to change all my dad's coinage into bills. Next stop was Sky Valley Education Center...its a homeschooling our neighbours attend. I'd been there once, so I was a little unsure of where I was going. I did find it tho! Whew! The plan with the books now is to take them there and let all the parents and kids go thru them and glean from them what they want...this makes me happy! They were like vultures too! Could hardly wait for me to get the boxes in to start picking thru them!! Then I met up with one of my reps who needed books for a Girls Night Out she's doing on Friday.

Home was next, where I'd left sketti sauce brewing...boy did it smell good when I walked in...undetected!! Snickers had already greeted me outside and no one else heard us come I crept upstairs and waited for the perfect time to jump out and scare someone. DJ was the one that ended up getting it! I'm probably gonna regret teaching them this guilty'll come back to bite me I'm sure! lol But for now, I do enjoy watching them jump! Even after 9 years I can still scare the youknowwhat outta Howie! He hates it, yet loves it when he gets me back! ha!

After dinner DJ and I booted it out as quick as possible for Awana. I only messed up one kid's name tonite...but she wasn't here last week and wasn't wearing her that's justifiable right? We're more than half way thru the year and there are some kids lagging in their books, so I started pushing them tonite to accomplish more than they set out to do...and it worked for some of them! I got done early again and peeked in on DJ's class...apparently he was done early too, so we were able to leave before the whole place erupted with parents and kids! Sweet!!

Once DJ was in bed, Howie made me watch the beginning of AI...said I'd like the I rewound it to the very beginning and was FLOORED!!!!!! That little dude can SING!! And sing his heart out! I can't wait to hear him do a Trace song!! Watch out world, Scotty McCreary will be somebody someday!!! With a voice like that, man! Since there wasn't anyone else memorable, we skipped to live and finished watching the auditions. Howie went to bed as they do start to become repetitive. Well he missed out!!! And I'm SO glad they left Chris Medina to the very last!!! Never has AI (ESPECIALLY auditions) had me in tears!!! What a true gentleman!! I don't even remember what he sang, I was just so moved by his love for his fiance!! WOW! If he isn't the next winner, he will go far!

Til next time...God bless!

p.s....I will be shutting off the anonymous feature of the comments section. I'm pretty sure it's my cousin that's hiding behind her computer and frankly I'm tired of her self righteous and negative comments!  Thanks Fifi for sticking up for me!! Love you for that!!!

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