Friday, January 14, 2011

Have I told you how much

I love my Shark Steam mop?!?!?!

Or how much I love that my daughter picked up on this potty training thing like it was an old trick she knew all along!?!?! Seriously!! This morning the kids slept til almost 9 and Sam came in and was saying she needed to pee RIGHT NOW! lol So we went into my bathroom, which she thinks makes her special somehow, and that was when I discovered that the pull up was dry!!! SWEET!!!! So we kept it off and put the pj's back on. It was bout this time that Howie came home from his night as I'm getting out of bed, he's gettin in! At least he got the warm part of the deal! Last nite was COLD!!!

The kids and I did breakfast and then in an effort to keep nice and quiet for Howie to sleep, we watched some new Dora I'd recorded....and Diego! Really tho, I was just delaying the for my parents' arrival tomorrow! I started telling the kids too that we were taking a trip to the airport to get them tomorrow and they were excited! DJ more so as he's got more memories of them than Sam does, but she showed the appropriate excitement too! lol She'll learn quick!

Howie got up just as I was making lunch for I made him lunch as well and we all ate together. Kinda nice! Then the fun started! Cleaning! For whatever reason, the garage took priority on Howie's to-do list...while I had the inside. So I got started on decluttering some of my Avon boxes that had been piling up. And at the same time clearing the kitchen of stuff on the floor so I can mop it. Just to add to it all, I threw in some laundry and know, just for fun! LOL The kids were inside and out...they started off outside with Howie, and then Sam came in, and then DJ came in, and then DJ left again, and Sam left again...I swear we need a revolving door some days! I got the kitchen floor done and then worked on the kids' bathroom floor and then took it downstairs and did the 3rd bathroom floor and laundry room as mom and dad will be utilizing that one when they're here. Whew!

About 4 Howie suggested I run and drop off the books for donation since we need the space for the kids' car seats tomorrow...they sit in the back back and that makes it easier for my mom and dad to climb in and out. So off I went to do that...and thoroughly enjoyed the silence while I drove...on the way back tho I got a call from my mom and chatted with her for a few minutes...they were just about packed and she wanted to know if she'd left slippers here from last time. She also told me they weren't arriving with Air Canada but rather Continental....I hadn't looked at that part really...just the timing. And I totally missed that they're flying to New Jersey and THEN to about a backwards route!

Got home and got dinner started right away...both kids were home, and hungry! Since I didn't want the argument about dinner (chicken pot pie) I made them nuggets and got them started. Howie was in the shower, so as soon as he was done, we ate. Then bath time...gotta have good smelling children for the grandparents! :) Mid bath Samantha declares she needs to poop...turns out it was just a toot, but man she was worried about doing that in the bath apparently!

She also got tucked in 3 extra times thanks to her bladder!! 2 of the 3 times she actually peed too! About 2 hours after the last tuck in tho, she was crying at her door, so I ran to her and she needed to the night time responding is kicking in!!! SWEET!!!!!!! She's doing awesome!!! She's so cute too...asked me if I'd tuck her back in bed, which of course I'm gonna do! And she thanked me! lol Such a sweetheart!

Til next time...God bless!

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  1. I really want to try one of those steam mops. They look nice. I like easy cleaning the best HA.

    Way to go Sam!!! No more diapers (or pull ups) for you. That will be a dream.:-D

    Hope your visit goes well and you have lots, and lots of fun.


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