Monday, January 10, 2011

SIX more sleeps!!

That was my first thought this morning....only 6 more sleeps til my parents come for a visit!!! That and "gee Samantha sure smells like pee!" as she crawled into bed with me this morning. Thankfully the Princesses are keeping her and my bed dry when she's sleeping!! She really does like having Princesses on her diapers!

I called Howie to see where he was at when I got up...he was on his way home! Fishless AGAIN!!!! Darn fish! Of course he says is the jigs that are bad...and the water's too low...but I know its that the fish are too smart! haha In any case, he was on his way home and I got the kid their round toast and then hopped in the I was serving, I heard the garage door open, so that was perfect timing!!

We got to church with a few minutes to spare...and DJ was in his normal mood for sitting still and being quiet. Actually, he did great! The sermon was a tough one to listen to...speaking on divorce and what the Bible says in that regard. I was a little shocked to learn how easy/rampant it was back in Jesus' time...and am very curious to see how the sermon finishes next week. Both Howie and I are previously we were squirming a bit.

As I was waiting for Sam to be done pottying while picking her up from her class, I turned my phone on...and got a text from my g/f Kody...and instantly remembered I was to bring something for her and that she was out in the parking lot waiting for me....yikes!! So we made a plan to meet at Albertsons and I'd run home to grab the box for her. We made one stop on the way home tho for Howie to exchange something fishing-wise he'd gotten a couple weeks ago that wasn't what he he got more's hoping we're eating fish when mom and dad are here!!

After all the running around I got back home just as everyone was about to eat lunch, so I joined them. You'd never know DJ was sick the way he was carrying on!!! Crazy child!!! As soon as lunch was done, Howie started moving furniture to clean carpets. Since he was also doing our bedroom, I went in and tackled that while the kids played in their rooms. Got all the laundry downstairs and all my books that I'd read out of the room...all the recycle from the bedroom out...put clothes away...and vacuumed so it was ready for cleaning. Then I tackled the kids' rooms!!  Other than the piano, there's now nothing under DJ's bed!!! Sheesh! THEN the 3 of us went downstairs to sort thru the toys...garbage, giveaways and keepers....they didn't know about the giveaway box!! I'm sneaky like that! But really, they have enough! 

It was almost 6 by the time Howie was done rinsing the carpets and so I got the bbq ready for dinner...and then prepped the rest of dinner waiting for the time to get it going. We moved the furniture back into place with towels under it and then sat down to eat. The kids must have been starving as they ate quickly...and DJ had seconds on the pork chop!! Since no one needed bathing, they ran wild til bed time! Literally!! I'm not sure how Howie slept thru it either!! Altho, DJ and Samantha put on the most adorable puppet show for me!! I caught it on my Flip but have yet to upload it! SO cute!!!

Once they were in bed, Howie was very quick to follow!! Which left me the remote!! And on Sundays, that means Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters.....oh joy, I get to watch it with my parents next week...*hangs head*  Thank heavens for DVR!! And with the time change, I might get lucky! lol

Til next time...God bless!

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