Friday, January 7, 2011

Lover, Lover, Lover

You don't treat me no good no more!!

This morning everyone woke up happy!! Sam was as excited about the princesses on the pull up as I imagined she'd be! AND it was only 2 lbs wet!! lol She's an amazing girl to be so trained already!! I know the summer will bring accidents as she'll be too busy playing, but right now, she's right on target!!

As soon as possible, we headed out the door to do grocery shopping....first stop was the salon I deal with to leave books and to get some owed money...then, while we were in the same plaza, the plan was to do Albertsons and the dollar store...we did Albertsons, and that was by the skin of my teeth. As we were in line, I discovered my wallet was missing!!! YIKES!!! That is NOT a good feeling!!! So I started racking my brain to remember where I'd been that I could have lost it...thankfully I had the Avon money and paid for my small order. Back in the truck, no we headed home. It finally dawned on me that I used it last nite at Freddy's to get the pull I called over there and there'd been no wallet turned in. Panic is starting to set in as I recall everything that's IN the wallet...thankfully I keep my driver's license separate, so I still have I.D. of some sort...argh!!! We get home and I'm still trying to remember taking my wallet out for whatever reason...and nothing is coming to me...I walk in the front door and there it is sitting on the purse had fallen off the shoe cubby thingy and dumped my wallet out. OY!

Back in the truck I go and back into town we go....first the bank, then to Freddy's to do the real shopping. We did the potty stop for SamSam, who peed on command, and then they went into Play Land easily. I then hit up the clothing section...I'd looked last week remember? So this time I was kidless and could try on stuff. Found 4 tops and a pair of jeans...two of the tops were keepers, and the jeans...WOW it was like hugging an old friend!! I've never had jeans speak to me...but these whispered "hello" and "take me home" they felt SO good!!! So, I did!! lol Then I did the rest of the shopping and picked THE SLOWEST CASHIER EVER in all my time shopping there!! She was chatty and really nice, but man, was she slow!! So much so, that I was 15 mins late getting the kids, but they could see me in line,...and it taking I had mercy!

After shopping we hit up McD's for lunch since it was already after 2...I was starving, so I knew they were too! Then we headed home and unloaded...the kids played outside for a few minutes, but the neighbours (who we'd seen shopping, and K and C were in Play Land with the kids) weren't home yet, so they both came in. Once all the food was put away, I got them settled with a Dora and hopped in the shower. I had a date!!!

Pretty much as soon as Howie got home, I was leaving...within 15 mins anyways...took that long to get out of the house with all the hugging and kissing DJ insisted on!! I finally left....for a couple seconds...I'd forgotten my camera....I called into the house instead of running back in and DJ brought it out to me....with no tears!! As I pulled away I realized I'd forgotten my Flip...but that's okay, I lived without it. I met up with my g/f Pearl and she had Stephanie with her...and we picked up Ashley along the way...and then finally to Renton and a bar named Jack's. We had 4 other friends there who were already in, so once we got checked in we pushed our way to the front where they were...and whew! They had seats for all of us! 

This wasn't a normal concert...its called an Acoustic Doghouse just Jerrod Niemann and his guitar...and very informal! I did get his cd when out shopping, so I'd listened to most of it on the way to the park and ride to meet the girls...he is WICKED funny!!!! He does an intro to most of the songs and they were cracking me up! And to see him live, he's just as funny!! Very off the cuff and witty! I didn't know before, but he'd written a little diddy with Garth Brooks, and sang it for us...and one with Lee Brice that Blake we heard that one too!  Afterwards we got in the very long line for pictures with him...he wasn't signing anything as he had pre-signed a bunch of pix...and the radio station was handing them out...and the pix were to be done in pairs or my g/f Pearl, who took me as her guest, and I got our pic with him...she was holding a couple pix and he asked if she wanted him to sign I quick grab my cd insert and had him sign it. The peeps from the radio were getting annoyed with us, but Jerrod told them "I promised them on the internet I'd sign for them" which was bogus, but they backed off.  The other girls got their pix too and then we all went and got in line again to get one of all of us with him. They almost wouldn't let us til we begged! Then we hung around even more so Amber, future song writer, could chat with him...and finally she got her turn. He musta talked with her for 15 minutes! SO cool of him to do that! Then they rushed him off and we were left in the cold...literally! lol We waited for Ashley's ride to come get her and then we all went our separate ways. I took Stephanie home and Pearl took way or another we all made it home safe and sound!

Next stop...bed! :)

Til next time...God bless!

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