Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The poop does stick!!

Last nite before I went to bed I did my usual routine which usually includes one or both of the cats joining me in the bathroom while I get ready for bed. No different last nite, and while I was washing my hands, she was using the litter box (ew, I know) and when done, she did something I've NEVER seen her do...drag her butt on the floor like the dog does!!! She even left a skid mark! (EW, I know!) and it wasn't til she hopped up on the counter that I saw why...she had a turd hanging from her hind end. (EWW, I know!!) So I grabbed a tissue and yanked it off her...it was stuck on there good...and hard, so who knows how long it was stuck there for!! (EWWWWW, I KNOW!!!!) Then I started thinking back to the whole day and if she sat on my lap or not....or snuggled in bed with me or not....needless to say, she wasn't snuggling with me that nite!!!

Crawling into bed last nite was THE highlight of my day!! You see, mom and dad bought us a sheet set with a blanket as a gift...but used it on the bed they were sleeping on while they were here! The laundry fairy did wash them and left them in the dryer while we were trekking to the airport....but it took me a week to get them ON the bed! Last nite was the first nite sleeping with them. Instantly I could feel their warmth embracing me when I got in bed!! Then as I shut the light out and rolled over to get comfy, it was like laying on THE most luxurious teddy bear (think Russ) and having another one hug me with the sheet! WOW!!! And other than Hawaii...I've never woken up so warm and cozy in all my life!! Of course, Howie hates them! Go figure! He says he'll suffer thru them til the weather changes....and I joke they'll be there in summer too!

I did NOT want to get out of bed this morning due to these sheets! Micro fleece by the way...SO soft!! DJ noticed them right away when he got into bed this morning around 6...and Sam noticed them too when she came in at 7:30  What a delicious bed!!! Ok, I'll stop about the sheets!

The day's one and only chore was to go to the shed and gather up the books for donation...when we got there, another gal was bringing in the new load of books, so we helped each other out and got it done quicker than it would have been!! Then once I was loaded up, we headed into town. Swung by the bank and then Goodwill before heading to the homeschool center we now donate to. Dropped the books off and headed for home with a couple Avon book drops before actually getting home. Even made a hair appointment for me and DJ for next Monday...oh I can't wait!!

After lunch I tried convincing the kids to come take a nap in the new sheets with me...no luck!! DJ headed outside to play and Sam pretended I was a pillow. I then got a text from my g/f that she and her g/f were coming to Monroe to see Ben...and would I like to meet them there with their Avon. Well didn't have to ask me twice that's for sure!! Plus, I'd gotten a call last week that a sweater pattern I ordered had come in...so two birds...one trip!! I checked with next door and DJ was fine to stay with them while Sam and I took off. She fell asleep on me on the way in...so I sat in the truck for 5 mins before waking her and going in the store. Found my girls, chatted with them and then headed to the other side of the store for my pattern. It looked easy enough, so I got it! I have a couple other projects I wanna do before I make this...but I do want it done before the fair so I can submit it for judging.

After Ben, Samantha wanted to go in the candy store which is a couple stores down, but first she stopped at the horse...so I put a quarter in and let her ride! She thought that was just great!! Then we went in the candy store...where she did pretty good really!! Lotsa temptations but the owner (who's son is in my Awana group) knows how to deal with kids and asked if she could give her a lollipop...that kept her busy! I got each of the kids a chocolate for upcoming Valentine's treat and we were done. I did see something I probably should have bought a couple of...chocolate covered black licorice...kinda threw me at the time, but thinking back now, that sounds good!!

We got home just after 5 and relaxed for a few minutes before getting dinner going. And since it wasn't a bath nite, DJ got to play kinect before bed for an hour. He's getting good but doesn't play but one turn at each game...trying to teach him to play more as the practice makes him better...so far, its not sinking in. Once they were in bed tho, I turned it off and put the Bachelor on and got out my knitting. Of course, about 5 minutes into it, I hear DJ coming out to tell me something ridiculous...and as I'm putting him back to bed, discover Miss Samantha hiding behind Howie's chair! HA! That brought back memories...I used to sneak out and watch tv after my mom tucked us in...she didn't I was watching with her tho. And I was about 11 when I did that...not 2!!! She said she needed to pee, so off we went and then I tucked them both back in bed...without so much as a peep from either one then.

The Bachelor...where do I begin!??! With the crazy one of course...Michelle!! WHAT is she thinking??!!??! Oh wait, we already know cuz she tells us all her crazy thoughts!!  Shawntel got every woman's fantasy with that shopping spree!!! My bags would have been fuller that's for damn sure!!! And Chantal, needs to chill!! I'm rooting for her since she's from Seattle, but enough with the drama mama!! Emily, that poor soul! Facing her demons like that!! Bless her! I hope she got some serious healing with those laps she drove!  Of the two Ashleys...he kept the crazy one!!!! But thankfully got rid of the squeaky voiced one!!! She seemed way too young to me. Did you notice...none of the ages of the girls are put up on the screen anymore...yeah, I don't like it! Britt flew under the radar (another WA native) as did Jackie. Alli got a special moment during the cocktail party...but I don't see her with him. Who knows...its all speculation on my part!! :)

Til next time...God bless!

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