Saturday, July 31, 2010

Blast from the past

This morning there were no Me First wars....Howie was home!!! I love Fridays!!!!  Sleeping in is a wonderful thing!!

Til you get woken up with bad news that of the guys in Howie's dept was hospitalized 2 weeks ago, and passed away...not sure when, but he was found last nite. So kind of a shocking thing to wake up to! Puts a somber mood on the day from the start. Needless to say, everyone at work was talking about it.

As Howie was getting ready to leave, the "bat phone" aka, the Avon phone rang....took me a couple seconds to realize it was ringing as I was dancing along to the music...ha! Turns out, its my first "Safeway" customer!!!! I 've had books on the rack in the lobby for 6 weeks now, and today was my first call from one!! YAY!!!! And she lives close!

Once done, I got busy getting ready...we had an appt for 11 at the bank to open the business acct they wouldn't let me open last month....the Avon gal who told us about it was at our last meeting, so I told her what happened and she corrected it for me! I even got the 50.00 bonus for opening that was the big deal for June!! Finally!!!

After that we went to Freddy's to make an Avon delivery and pick up some stuff...milk, coffee filters, turkey legs...odd things! lol Then we headed home for lunch...DJ fell asleep on me in the 15 minute drive home. Rascal! I woke him up for lunch, but he didn't want to come in, the boys were outside next door...but mom won! He ate and THEN went out! Sam went down for her nap and I went next door to yak as I knew our hair dresser was over there too! Two walk! :) The party broke up and the boys came in the house to play downstairs. DJ had begged me to record Underdog, so I did, and they wanted to watch I put it on and read my new mag. I can't believe that I was able to sit and read the ENTIRE thing uninterrupted!!! I've never read it from cover to cover!!! Dang!!!! Good thing I've got a few books lying around!

Once SamSam got up from her nap I got them changed into their swim suits...we were heading to a new (to us) water park to meet up with a very dear, old friend of mine! I think its been 20 years since we've seen each other...maybe even longer....we discussed when we met, and we think I was 12 going on first summer at YWAM Cambridge. And when we moved there permanently the next year, she was the choreographer for the dance troupe I was in. She travelled with us to do Kings Kids Canada too! Simply amazing!! Of course, I grew up and away from YWAM and she got married...and moved...and now, we're 40 minutes from each other!!! I "found" her on facebook last year thru mutual friend and discovered her location, but  we were in the middle of moving back, and then moving out here...we've tried a couple different times to meet up, but weather/other circumstances didn't allow it. Today, was perfect!!! I was a bit late as I didn't realize just how "out there" it was for us...and traffic at the time of day on a Friday is NOT fun! BUT she waited and we finally connected!!!

The kids totally enjoyed the water park...we brought K along with us which worked out perfectly! The 3 of them were in and out and then too they played on the playground. Debbie's kids are 14 and 8, but enjoyed tending to the boys on the merry-go-round and pushing Sam on the swing. About 6:30 I realized the time  and packed everyone off to go home...we hit McD's on the way home as hwy 9 was ridiculous!!! The kids didn't mind one bit!! And they had samples of their new smoothies!! YUM!!!!!  And the 4 of us ate for 6.43!! Even the cashier said that was cheap! After eating they played on the play thing there...even Sam was going up and down the big one....last time we were there she HATED the entire thing! Pah, not this time!

Finally got home, sent K home, and put the kids to bed!! Whew!! Then got busy cleaning the kitchen, making lunch for the boys fishing tomorrow, and just general my stuff in the car for tomorrow's deliveries...and then Howie got home from work, so I helped him by putting the car seat in the truck for him. Sure is dark at 11 pm!!! The stars were incredible tho!!! Man, we need another fire!!

Now, I'm ready for bed...did some knitting, so my wrists are feeling it...gotta get back into knitting shape! :)

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

P.S... the answer to the question a couple days ago...a shorter commute!! Go figure!

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