Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Paging Dr. Hughes

This morning Samantha was no better...and in fact, she seemed a bit worse!! She had no energy to get herself up this morning...she was STILL in bed at 9 when I got up!!! When I went in to get her she started doing the moaning thing, and asking for Daddy...so I called him in the room and she wouldn't let him pick her up...she wanted me...so got her up, and she's just burning up!! Right after giving her a sippy and some Advil, I called the Dr's office. Our GP wasn't in today, so we got an appt with another Dr. in the practice for noon.

So once Sam got settled enough to sit by herself I got up and had breakfast. Then got the kids dressed for the day and then got ME dressed and ready for the day....such a procedure! We did get out the door at the appointed time tho...so that's impressive!!!

First stop was the Dr's office....where we got seen pretty much right away! The nurse was FABULOUS and Sam had no worries about her at all...even insisted that she do the temperature stick by herself...and of course she showed up at 98.1 All the while she's very warm to the touch! Strange phenomenon!!

About 10 minutes later the Dr. came in and checked her out. Checked her heart while she screamed and cried....checked her ears while I bear hugged her....checked her throat which wasn't fun...and declared her with virus! NO other things going on in her little body but that. Poor baby!! We're to just keep doing what we're doing and eventually she'll fight it off. I did learn that spiky fevers, where they go up and down all day long, are better....consistent fevers mean bacteria is present and don't wait! Good to know! (I know my nursey friend Fifi will chime in here....) And he also said its good she gets these things over with now as opposed to when she's in school...she's building up immunities by having it now. Lovely! Again...poor girl!!!

Once we left there we headed to the mall to a) meet up with Jake to give him his forgotten phone charger and b) check the stores there for my picky father who's having a devil of a time finding undies! And possibly c) catch a showing of Toy Story 3. We accomplished a)...b) didn't end well...and c) didn't have anything at that moment for us...it was 2 hours out. So we then headed to Walmart (where else!?!?) to return a few things and of course find more things!!! By the time check out happened the kids were antsy! So, Howie and I walked them out to the truck and mom and dad were very close behind! 

Homeward bound we were!!! Everyone but Howie and DJ took cat naps. Howie cuz he was driving and DJ cuz he had his while we were in the Dr's office. After dinner I gave the kids a bath...could have almost just stood them outside the rain was pouring down so hard!!! It had been off and on raining all day, but by 5 we were seeing sunshine peeking thru...it didn't last long! As soon as the kids were in bed I sat down to do my Avoning as tomorrow's shaping up to be busy and I wanted to get most of it done tonite. Mom, Dad and Howie all watched The Last Comic Standing....I heard quite a few chuckles!  One by one they all went to bed and it was my turn to watch the Bachelorette!!

Sorry Kirk....we could ALL see it wasn't working out for you!! And your dad is just and odd man!! Not to mention your stepmom with her stilted conversation. Your 9 y/o adopted (why you felt the need to share that info, I'll never know) sister carried most of that visit on her shoulders and she did well! I could tell from the moment she arrived that she wasn't as into him as the others.

And since the preview of Frank visitin a ex-girlfriend, I know he's out next week...which brings us to Chris and Roberto...did I call it or what!?!?! I really hope she does the right thing for her and picks Chris...he seems SO grounded and honest!! Looks aren't everything...even if Roberto is TDH!! Chris is where its at!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!


  1. "Walmart (where else)"...well let me help you Missy. There's Costco and Target and JC Penney and Sears and Shopco and Meijer's and Big Lots and Ben Franklins and KMart and, and , and! There are lots of places to shop other than dirty, discriminatory, job killing, sweat shop producing Walmart!



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