Saturday, July 10, 2010

Welcome To Walmart

(where else!?!?)

Today's activity included going to walmart (where else!?!?). My mom starts making a list of things she either a) knows is cheaper here, or b) wants to check the price on to see if its cheaper we had a list!

Samantha has mastered getting OUT of the crib now!!! She got out last nite 5 times!!! Once she was thirsty...then she needed a diaper change....then she tried to find me and ended up scaring the crap outta Howie...then once for nothing...and then for real at 7 something....very exhausting!! But at least she's not resisting going back to bed! She woke up this morning I took her temp after breakfast and it was gave her some Advil and hoped it would break. No go! So for lunch we kept it real light and she had watermelon and, not together, that'd be gross!! lol   Then once I got her down for her nap, the rest of us, save Howie, took off for Walmart (where else!?!?) I couldn't go Hwy 2 after a certain point...the road was blocked off at an exit for Hwy 9. So, we took the detour and headed a different way to the same destination. Worked well! DJ decided that the detour was a perfect time for a nap....we didn't mind the quiet one bit!

We must have been in there for an hour and a half...walked all up and down just about every aisle too!! The kids each got some new clothes to grow into...Sam's are just darling!! And DJ got a glow in the dark Buzz Lightyear shirt...he picked it out! Tough choices for a 4 year old!! They also each got a monster truck....not too big, but big enough it won't go under the stove when they "race" them. Sam even got a pink one!!! They both took them to bed with them! Silly kids! As if the monster truck fairy is going to come along and steal them or something!!  I got an oil change and a six pack of Mojitos....never had one before, but they sounded good! Y'know, they ARE good!!! The after mint taste is wonderful!! I digress...

We headed home just about 5 o'clock...perfect timing to hit rush hour on a Friday afternoon...what were we thinking!?!?!? It looked good as we were driving over the freeway, so we (I) chose to go on the freeway instead of taking the route we took to get there....thankfully we're not on the highway long and get off to head east. Til I saw the sign saying Hwy is still closed due to an accident and to take an alternate route. Yet, when we got up to the Hwy 2 signs, there wasn't any road closure, so we took it. Worked like a charm too! No one else was taking it, but it was open! They were just finishing clearing up the burnt debris on the side of the road. And when we drove by the counter, it read 0000 which meant there was a fatality involved. I hate knowing that!

Dinner was my dad's favourite....Teriyaki....he waited patiently for it considering we had crab last nite. lol It was good!! I actually called it in ahead of time, so no extra waiting! When we got home Sam was still fevered (I love how she says FEEver) but refused to take any Advil. She ate lots of rice for dinner and a bit of chicken, but I have learned with her, when she's not feeling well, let her pick and choose what she wants to eat or it'll come back (literally) to bite me! And if she's hungry, she'll tell me so!

After dinner the kids each got a bath and while DJ was getting polished off Jake came over. He called earlier this aft and said he was coming up for the weekend and to see my parents. LOVE it! The kids do too!! They literally bounce around when he arrives! It took a bit, but they finally got put in bed and everything quieted down. The rest of us played cards...Jake won the first game and Mom and I tied for the second. I love playing period!

Now, everyone's in la la land...and I'm headed there myself. Already put Sam back in bed once...granted she was wet and came to tell me we changed her diaper (seems going up a size didn't help) and put new pj pants on....and another dose of Advil. Poor thing! She's also go bumps on her who knows what her body's fighting...I just hope it breaks soon! Sick kids are no fun when on vacation!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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  1. Oh no! That is too much Wal-mart in one day!

    Hope Sam gets to feeling better. Poor baby!!


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