Saturday, July 24, 2010

Concert in the park

This morning everyone slept in...turns out they all have the same cold DJ's had. So both Howie and SamSam had the runny nose and sneezies....I'm saying it out loud...I WILL NOT GET SICK!!! I have far too much "me" stuff planned for this weekend that getting sick is NOT in the cards for me!  There, I said it!

This morning the kids had a blast going in and out of the house on such a gorgeous day...they learned early that if they came in they got they mostly stayed out lol  I got some emailing done, and some Avon stuff taken care of. We also tidied up the living room a bit...took all recycle out to the was startin to take over the kitchen! While SamSam was napping DJ watched tv and the window to see if K was coming out to play. They were in the middle of setting up their DJ was quite taken with just watching that!

Once Sam was up we started the process of leaving the house..anyone with two kids KNOWS what it takes just to get out the door!! We had plans to go to a park in Bothell for a free concert that was being done by Chance McKinney & Crosswire who's a local musician. He's a teacher who's taught at a few high schools in the area, and he won a contest a couple year sago...since then he's started making a name for himself!!! If you recall, I saw him back in March (I think) at a local bar....he is really good! So, when my g/f Pearl told me about the concert in the park...and it being Friday nite, the nite Howie works late, I said SURE!! I also told my g/f Wyndi about it and she and her girls met us there!

So I packed up a picnic lunch and off we went! I took a blanket and a chair...I was grateful for the chair!! The kids enjoyed the blanket when they were around...which wasn't much!!! The park wasn't really a park was a baseball field! DJ brought both a soccer ball and a he took the soccer ball and went to find friends....since he was the only one with something like that, he made friends fast!!! Next time...remind not to let him dress himself...he picked blue...and it was hard to keep picking him out of all the would have been SO much better! lol

Samantha enjoyed just running around....sometimes in a bit of a panic while she was looking for me...she'd run right past me and then get all turned around til I followed her and let her find me. She charmed all the people around us too! She also enjoyed just sitting on my lap and having me clap her hands for her in time with the music. She was too shy to actually go up front (a whole 5 feet ahead of us) and dance...but during the last song she finally danced in front of us...twirling herself away.

After it was all done DJ had to pee, so we headed to the back forty of the field and found a spot....I think I watch too many cop/detective shows....I was scoping the desolate area for bodies or pieces of bodies before I let him pee. Isn't that how it always happens to unsuspecting people!?!?!! No thanks!

It was 9 by the time we were back in the truck headed home! And it was10 by the time I finally sat down with children tucked into their beds happily sleeping! I didn't get to sit long as I remembered the blueberries needed to made into off I went to do that. Of course that forces me to put the dishes away and load up whatever is on the counters blocking my jam making process! Talk about a snowball effect! I was on the pectin stage when Howie came home from work...and while he was loading up the boat I got it all done! Even got yesterday's batch in the freezer downstairs. Next week I may go pick more berries just to have them to eat...and freeze some for cheesecakes. YUM!

Now, I'm done...kaput...finito! Whew! I did sit and watch Eureka....what a great show! Makes me laugh! I'm not usually a SyFy kind of person, but this isn't that far fetched and its quite humourous!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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  1. Eureka huh? Don't get me started on another show! LOL.

    Sounds like a great time! We have a family party tonight, so I am getting in a little computer time before our day gets ramped up!

    Happy weekend! Hope the colds hit the road. BLECH! And NO you will not get sick. Load up on zinc and vitamins!!


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