Thursday, July 15, 2010

Even tho they're 4 and 2

We still had a "first" today!!!

Today was a lazy day!!! The only plans we had were that my dad and Howie were going to check out a Thoroughbred Ranch that's owned by Howie's ultimate boss. He'd arranged a tour of the place since my dad's such a horsey guy. Howie said it was like my dad was the kid in the candy store! Big eyes!!! Big smiles!! And non-stop talking! That part we got to he was NON-STOP talking about it!

While they were gone mom and I got the dehydrator out and functioning...making some cherry fruit leather as I type...this thing is NOISY!!!!! And we're not all together sure it's actually working! Gonna have my mechanical engineer look at it...but he says he's on might ask the hubby to do it! :)

The laundry fairy was at it again today....I love her!!! :D  Kinda makes me sing "Don'tcha wish your fairy was here like mine?"  oh yeah, be jealous!!! 

Samantha woke up about 9:20 this morning and was in fine form!!! No more more anything! Her appetite's not back to normal yet...she didn't want breakfast, but ate a bit of lunch...and dinner was picky. As long as she's eating, I'm happy! Even gave me a poopy diaper....albeit not the best timing, but hey, she's pooping!

This afternoon after her nap, we headed into town to the local movie theater. DJ's second time (but first time he'll actually remember) and SamSam's first time ever going to a big screen show!! Toy Story 3!!! If you haven't already seen this movie...oh I highly recommend it!! HIGHLY!!!! Its awesome!!! We saw it in 2D as the kids wouldn't keep those glasses on if we paid 'em!  When we arrived 10 mins before the show started, there was no one else there. Just as the previews were getting started another dad and his son came in....still, not too shabby!

Samantha was WIDE EYED for the very beginning...even smiled when she heard the "you've got a friend in me" song...but after the first 4 minutes, she was wandering. My dad and Howie sat in the very last row...and mom and I sat in the first row of the second section....LOTS of leg room!!! Both kids travelled during the whole or both would sit with me, and then travel up the stairs to their dad and sit with him. Sam even took it further, sitting wherever she wanted to! It was a quick 2 hours!

I'd been warned by others that they cried at the end...yup, I did too!!! Such a GREAT movie!!!! Fabulous!! My dad even said he'd never look at a toy the same way!! hahahaha

Now, it's beddy bye another full day planned for tomorrow, so must get some rest! DJ joined us last nite about 4 and I walked him back to his room and he stayed there til about 6 or something. Rascal!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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