Sunday, July 25, 2010

Contrary to popular belief....

I did NOT throw my bra at Toby Keith!! Promise! My mama raised me better than that! Plus, have you seen the cost of a good bra these days?!? Ha!

Tonite was beyond my expectations (was gonna say wildest, but there is one thing that could have happened that would have me in a looney bin) and what a nite it was!!!

This morning DJ went fishin with Howie, they caught nuttin, and so it was just me and SamSam for the waking up part of our day. Loved those snuggles!!! After breakfast while she lay on the floor/couch/chair/wherever she wanted watchin tv I got to war with clutter! I won!!! 75% of our counters are wide open!! :)
When Howie came home he went straight to bed for a nap. The kids n I weeded the garden and then had lunch. Once Samantha was in bed for her nap (which she chose not to have) and DJ was situated with a movie he picked out, I went and showered to get ready for a concert I was attending with 3 friends.

I woke Howie and pretty much left! I had two stops to make before getting to my g/f Laura's house. Once there we took off for White River Amphitheater. I've lived here 8 years and never been to a concert there. Its about 2 hours from my house, so meeting up with Laura, Jim and Laura was half way.

We got there just before 6 and headed in. No outside food, so I ate my sub in the parking ot first! Once in we headed to my local radio station's booth so I could try to win backstage passes...I was SO close too!!

Our tickets were for the Hellraiser back in the back, but not the lawn seats! My g/f Pearl was also there and told me to come down where she was. So I left my group with the hope of getting past security...worked like a charm!!! I showed my camera and said I wanted pix, and they let me in!! Smart move leaving my back pack behind!

Opening act was James Otto, and I was in Hellraisers for that...second act was Trace Adkins and I was at the end of the freaking catwalk they come out on!!! He was 5 ft away from me!!! I'm not sure how I was able to stand...but man, the pictures I got were phenomenal!!!

After a couple songs there we got booted back to seats as we were blocking seats of people who couldn't/wouldn't stand up. Now, here's the kicker...Pearl had an extra seat as her date bailed on her this afternoon at 2!! How awesome was that!?!? Row 10 seat 6!!!! Insane!!!! So I sat there for the rest of the concert! Just claimed it as my own! Ha!

The main act was Toby Keith! That guy can put on a show!!! WHOO!!! What a great time!! During his second song there were two women who threw their push up bras at him....I wasn't that close and I'm far too cheap to throw my zebra print one away! Do the women get them back?!? I don't understand this

Since there was a horde of people exiting at the same time we got to sit in the parking lot for over an hour trying to leave...that was fun! And, once out, we could ONLY turn right...which was not the way we came!!! So we went with the flow of traffic...and followed detour signs...and still managed to get lost!!! But not til after we laughed at Laura and Jim for getting lost too! We both made the exact same mistake and had the exact same conversations about the signs we'd seen!

In any case, we were behind Trace's bus!! Go figure!! Ended up making a turn to find a gas station they were at, talked to the cops in there to get out of the jam we were in...discovered we'd done a HUGE 30 mile circle! Whew! Finally got on track and found a Denny's as we were all starving!! Its now 2:50 and we're just pulling into Jim & Laura's drive where my car is...then I have another hour til home.

Good nite Irene!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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