Tuesday, July 20, 2010

12 Days of Visiting

On the 1st day of visiting, my parents left early, to take a flight to come and see ME!

On the 2nd day of visiting, my parents said to me, we like to take 2 naps a day, maybe 3!

On the 3rd day of visiting, my parents went with me, on a shopping trip that included Wally!

On the 4th day of visiting, my parents and hubby, played cards all nite and were happy!

On the 5th day of visiting, my parents joined in, roasting five HUGE marshmallows!!!!!!

On the 6th day of visiting, my parents and family, enjoyed a rainy day just being lazy!

On the 7th day of visiting, my parents and family, went over the mountains in search of Rainier cherries!!

On the 8th day of visiting, my parents and family, took a boat ride and had a crab feast!

On the 9th day of visiting, it was just my mom and me, who went and got our toes all pretty!

On the 10th day of visiting, my parents both joined me, delivering Avon to my lovely ladies!!

On the 11th day of visiting, my parents and family, took a day trip driving thru the back country!

On the 12th day of visiting, my parents, kids and me, learned the words to the Veggie Tales movies!!

So, that's
12 days of movies
11 days of driving
10 Avon orders
9 toes were painted (it was 10...)
8 crabs were eaten
7 pounds of cherries (not Rainier)
6 hours of lazy
5 HUGE marshmallows!!!!
4 games of cards
3 hours of shopping
2 naps a day
And 1 long flight to come and see ME!!!!!!!!!

Whew! I sure have enjoyed every single minute of every single day they've been here with us!! I think I speak for both of us when I say, we've been truly blessed to have you here and be a part of our lives in such a way that no one else in our families are. Our doors and hearts are always open to you guys!!! My children both adore you and might have a hard time this time understanding why you're not here more. Christmas works for all of us...lol

Today we did the last of their shopping...my dad threw up the white surrender flag and proclaimed us done at 4:30! He'd had enough of DJ sitting behind him bugging the back of his seat. I'd be done too if that was me! Or, DJ wouldn't have feet...I'd chop them off at the knees!

I did finally commandeer the tv at 11:30 to watch the B'ette....even knowing that Frank was leaving, it just proved how much of a jerk he really is! Wonder what his current gal, Nicole, thinks now after seeing tonite's show....oh to be a fly!
I think the date with Chris got much stronger...and I love how he was unaware of the fantasy suite...guess he's never seen the show before! I just think he's the most real of the two men left....hope she just follows her heart, either way! Lord knows she's had enough trauma for 5 women!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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