Friday, July 23, 2010

Mmmmmm blueberry jam!!

Today I started makin the jam....we were eating the blueberries too fast! So I thought I'd better get to making some jam....and fast!!! Turns out I should have enough for two batches. While I was making the first batch I got an email asking for help with a run for the I volunteered. The weather ruined my other plan to go to a water park and meet up with a long, long ago friend! We're rescheduled for next Friday now!!

So once the jam was poured into the jars I packed a rather quick lunch, shod the kids and loaded them up in the truck. Off we went! I met up with another gal, Erin, and together we headed to Edmonds to pick up from a grocery store there. While Erin was gathering in the store, I stayed out with the kids..and then loaded up what she brought out...all told it took us an hour...not too bad! Then I got to beat her back to the shed just because I had the kids with me...carpool! Worked big time for me! :)

We got home just after Howie did, so he helped me unload while the kids went and ran off some of the energy! DJ took a nap in the truck...about a half hour, but it still threw bed time off. Sam on the other hand had no when I put her to bed tonite, she practically thanked me! lol No, not really, but she sure didn't fight it!

Even after dinner they went outside again....I grabbed a shower and Howie got the boat ready for Saturday...since he's working late tomorrow nite, he got everything ready tonite. Smart man! Then he got them in their pj's and we put them to bed. Watched Wipeout and then he went to bed. To the makers of Wipeout.....gotta change up the end zone...gettin a bit repetitive!

I will say, I was shocked by the results, or lack there of, in week will be tough! Jose got a serious save tonite...I was surprised it was Robert in the bottom 3...didn't see that one coming! Are you participating in National Day of Dance?? Guess I'd better check it out for myself! :)

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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