Sunday, July 11, 2010

I had such a good, funny heading

And now I've forgotten it! I hate when that happens!

This morning Samantha AND DJ came into our room (and so it begins) at 7 am...since Howie wasn't getting up (and forgot to give me the memo) I got up with them and spent the next two hours trying to keep them quiet while everyone else slept away!!!! My eyes were burning!!!!

Just before 9 we heard movement, so I started the french toast for breakfast and oh it was YUMMY!!!!! This time I flipped it half way thru...not sure how to make it so it doesn't stick...but it still scrumptious!!! And Jake slept right thru it all!! Silly boy!

Sam was still fevered, and even asked for medicine first thing this morning...poor thing! By 11 am she was getting punchy and whiny, so she and I went and laid down together....we both got a bit of a nap. It seemed have helped her too, but man was she a heater to sleep beside!!! Her temp was 102....and then 102.7 before bed...before Advil...SO hoping she breaks free of it tomorrow! My mom made a rather interesting statement....that heat kills her body is fighting alright! With a temp that high, lets hope she's back to normal tomorrow. She still only grazed at food all day...which is sense having her upchuck!

While she was napping I took my folks to meet Freddy....they wandered just about everywhere! We sure did have YUMMY corn on the cob with dinner tho!!

Speaking of dinner...I now remember what my original title was supposed to be (I'm too lazy to change it now) but something to the effect that I should NOT be in charge of a grill...EVER!!!!! I thought I'd help Howie out (who was mowing) by starting the burgers...then he came in and wanted a shower (and I wanted him to have one! PU!!) so while he was showering I (and mom) took over didn't go over so well...unless you count Snickers' gain of lots of charred beef!! YUCK!!! So, when he got done laughing at us, he put new ones on and we had dinner shortly after that. The BBQ is officially his duty!!! I can be in charge of starting it up...but that's as far as I'm going!! :)

After dinner the plan was to do a bonfire...we got these gigantic, and I do mean GIGANTIC, marshmallows...they're about 3 times the size of a regular one...for roasting and making s'mores...but while I was in showering, DJ ruined it for all of us with his attitude. Darnit! Instead, they went to bed and we played cards. I finally won a game too!!! It had been a long time since I'd won! YES!!! Winning streak is back on!!! Gotta think positive here!

Now, I'm hittin the hay as my eyes are still burning!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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