Monday, July 12, 2010

Why have I never tried a S'more before!?!?!?!

Why haven't I ever had one of these ooey gooey far too fattening delicious treats!?!?!?!??!?!!

Have you ever had one?!?!?!

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! Or should that read OH MYGOOEYNESSS!!!!!!

Can you tell we got to have our bonfire tonite!??!!?

This morning I slept til almost 10 am!! I tell ya, being deaf sure has its advantages! That and with Sam still fevered she wasn't squealing as per usual. I was shocked tho that everyone let me sleep that late! Haven't done that in a while! Howie says I musta needed it...'cept now it's super late and I'm not tired yet. Trade off I guess!

Today we had no real "tourist" plans, and with Sam being fevered still, we didn't want to do too much. So we headed to costco for a jaunt! What a jaunt indeed! I think we walked just about every aisle...that is fun to do tho and check what's there. Picked up some YUMMY steaks for HOWIE to bbq for dinner...and man, he did us proud!! They were perfection in a steak!

Just before dinner SamSam was burning up again and I took her temp, she was reading I immediately gave her some Advil and let her strip down and get in the pool. The combo worked and she was cooled off considerably to the touch (and therm) before we sat down for dinner. She sure is a whiny creature when she's sick! If she's still fevered tomorrow we're taking her in to the Dr. But at bed time she was 99...but that's what this thing's been doing, jumping up and down.With no other symptoms its really hard to figure what's wrong. Fevers are good for killing her body's working great, but it may be time to intervene and help her body. Then again, they may not be able to do anything for back in January when she had the same was viral and had to run its course. Poor baby!!

After dinner we headed outside to get the fire going. The kids could have cared less that it wasn't dark outside...they were in it for the marshmallows!! So was I!!! Who are we kidding!? DJ kept claiming that "marshmallows are my FAVOURITE!" and then barely ate any! He ended up putting 3 of them in the fire to burn up...he'd get 'em dirty and ruin them. By 8:30 I was ready to be kidless for the evening so I headed them in to get cleaned up. Howie came in to finish with story time and then all was quiet!

Since it was still kind of early, we played some cards and then watched tv. Dad did get to see the last game of the World Cup thanks to DVR....but both Howie and I already knew the outcome. Even knowing, it was still fun to watch the over time!! And the GOOOOOOOAL!!!! Bet Spain is still partying!!!! LOL

Now, I'm gonna go read for a bit and then crash!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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