Thursday, July 8, 2010

You mean that's IT!?!?!

Before I go anywhere....I finished Lost....and I'm in disbelief that the WHOLE show was about THAT!?!?!? Really!?!?! It still doesn't explain the in-between stuff...where they lived after the rescue...I'm so very confused by that! Is the head writer Roman Catholic?? And they were all in purgatory!?!?!?! You mean, that's IT!?!?! Why didn't Ben go with them?? Is he still alive?? I'm seriously left with more questions than ever!!! W T H!?!?!!!?!?!?!

I will say,  I was bawling my eyes out!!! Watching them all reconnect the way they did and seeing the realization on their faces as they did figure it out. This is going to take a bit of time to process....

They all arrived on the island in the state in which they died...but they had the relationships at the end that they'd lived while "living" either on or off the island...huh??

Give me the head writer please...I need to speak with him! SO confusing!!! If anyone out there has a theory, please share! I need clarification!!

Today was a sweltering day!!! We got to 90 and broke a previous record of 88....not too shabby! The breeze blowing was incredibly balmy and wonderful! This morning when I let the neighbour's dog out I snagged their kiddie pool for our deck...knowing how hot it was going to get, I did a good thing! Besides, if it gets ruined, its a cheap plastic one that's replaceable!!! So, I brought it up the back stairs and come in the house, neither of my children are IN the house!! They're over on the trampoline trying to "find" me...uh huh!  They come trudging back in and see the pool...and watch me take my watering can and fill it up...8 trips it took!!! I figured it would warm up in the morning sun and be perfectly cool during the afternoon heat while we're in the shade of the trees. It really was perfect!!!

While Sam napped I pretended to be Cinderella and wash the floors on my hands n knees....phew!! What a chore!! I really need to invest in a steam mop...sure would cut down on the time! Once Sam was up tho, all bets were off and we were outside on the deck. The water was a flying!!!! Everywhere!!!!! All my hard work trekking the water....ah, who am I kidding?!?!! They loved it!!!! Samantha's diaper was 60 lbs when she was done!!!! That was hilarious! Next time we'll go diaperless and just let her wing it!

When Howie got home I was just getting Sam back into her clothes, which was good as he was headed outside to get the boat ready for the morning. He and DJ are going crabbing for our dinner!!! DJ is so over the moon to be bed time he told me that HE was going to wake up before Daddy so he could wake Daddy up to go...yeah right! He has no clue what's in store for him! He just loves getting to sleep in his clothes...too funny! I wasn't sure he'd fall asleep...didn't take him long!

While they were in bed we watched SYTYCD and ate freezies (otter pops to you Americans) while enjoying the cool breeze from the a/c unit in the window! Even now at 1 am, its 69 degrees!! I love it!! Of course, I love the a/c too...if that wasn't here, we'd be living in an oven right about now!

Back to SYTYCD...poor Alex!!!! If his injury is as serious as it sounds, and he's cut, I see Ashely winning this thing!! And where the heck did Lauren come from!?!?! DANG!!!!! And that little moment between her and Kent during their dance....makes me wonder.....hmmmm lol  Who do I see getting voted off...gosh that's tough! It could very well be that everyone gets a bye this week thanks to Alex's injury....otherwise, my vote would be Billy...

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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  1. LOST, you crack me up with your lost questions! You should google it. There are some really good takes on what the writers meant. I enjoyed the answers. The getting off the plane life was just an in-between life before "heaven". It wasn't real.

    I wish I watched SYTYCD. It was one of my favorite shows before I didn't have cable. Now that I'm mainly at Jason's and have cable again. I should record it!

    90 is hot? Huh? LOL!


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