Friday, July 30, 2010

The Me First wars

Have already begun....and they start early in the day too!!

DJ "Me first Mummy, snuggle me first!"

SamSam "Me fer Mum, nuggle me fer!"

Or we'll be driving somewhere and I hear "I see a cow!! Me first!!! I saw it first!!"  OY!!!

I remember these wars well...but don't remember that they started so early in my life...then again, I have very few memories of being 4...I think most of my memories started at about 8...I

This morning Samantha was the first to rise and she came to snuggle with me and a sleeping DJ. She kept trying to talk to me, and I didn't want DJ awake I kept shushing her and just loving her. She got up and left the room...I go to check on her and she's got the tv on and she's watching it!  I'm in utter SHOCK!! That she knows how to do it!! AND managed to do it!! She didn't even see me! With me out of the bed, DJ woke our morning chaos began...and the me first wars started!

The kids were in and out for the most part all was a very cool day today. Interestingly enough, this day last year, we broke records for heat of 103!!! Today, it was 63!! I think we were trying to break the record the other way...if I watched the news, I guess I'd know what the all time low was/is. *shrug* maybe I'll check the paper tomorrow....that would shock everyone!

Lunch was early as DJ was "starving" and wanted lunch...yet when it came down to eating his green beans, he wasn't interested. So I warned him that he could not have a snack or a drink til they were he went to play outside with next door boys. About a half hour later, after I got Sam down for her nap, he came in and wanted to go swimming...I'm thinkin he's lost his marbles, the sun wasn't even out!! But, off he went...he did say he was thirsty, so I offered the green beans and he turned them down!

Swim he did...and then run around playing til they left for football practice....then he came in asking for a snack and a drink...once again I offered the green beans while making up a sippy cup...and putting it out of reach til he was done. I'm such a mean mom!!!! He did eat them with minimal fuss when he realized I was very serious!

Samantha also tried the same green bean crap on me, so when dinner was served, she got her green beans first...which she kept saying "don't want" over and over, but, again, when she realized I meant business, she ate them to get to the fresh stuff!

After dinner Howie took the kids outside to get the boat ready for Saturday's excursion, and I went and had a shower. By the time I'm done, its bed time for the get them ready and into bed. No fuss, no muss!!! Love those nites! Then we sat down and watched the results of SYTYCD...and can I just say "I CALLED IT!!!!"  I was a little shocked to see Lauren be part of the bottom 3!

It wasn't til about 11 that I started thinking "Gee, Christmas isn't too far off, I better get knitting" and did just that! Got started!! And found some stuff I made last year that will do just fine for this year! I think a "Homemade" theme is in order!! :) Been a while! Last year we were busy with the move and the year before that I wasn't yes, its time for a Homemade year!! Sweet!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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  1. your son is to old for a sippy cup.


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