Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy Halfway Through The Year!!!

Today marks the start of the last half of the year!!!

Its also, coincidentally, Canada's birthday!! Altho, why they call it a birthday I don't know...its more of an anniversary....the country wasn't country is.

Anywho! I dressed the kids in their Canadian clothes! SamSam in her ROOTS tee that says My roots are Canadian! And DJ in his CANADA soccer shirt my sister Joanne gave him when he was itty bitty...he fits it now! I wore my ROOTS shirt too...that my sister Joanne also gave me! She's fond of reminding us where we come from! And I don't mind one bit!!

Today was also a very sad day for me....Miss Bailey has gone to another home! It was time to make a decision as my parents are coming next week. So this morning the kids and I loaded her up in the back of the truck and took a drive down south to meet up with a gal who also has a mastiff. Bailey did amazing the whole trip!! Truly amazing!! Any time we stopped at a light, she'd pop her head up and look around...bark if she saw someone or another dog...and then lay right back down as soon as we got moving. She didn't even bother the kids which surprised me! Of course, when we got to the Denny's parking lot, she would NOT come out of the truck!! My bawling didn't help either! She hopped over the back seat and sat between the two car seats....little bugger! Finally got her to come out and had my time to say good bye to her. It breaks my heart, but I know its the best thing for her! Gotta look at the big picture! The lady called me later this afternoon to see how I was doing as she could see how upset I was...and reassured me that Bailey was doing just fine adjusting already. Sure is quiet around here! Snickers just laid around all nite...the cats roamed the house like they own it...everything returned to normal! Sadly...and quickly!

This afternoon while SamSam was napping DJ watched a new movie!! NOT Toy Story!!!!!! Will wonders never cease!??!! Disney was showing a 3 o'clock movie called The Wild...about zoo animals who escape. He enjoyed it...I think....but then asked for Cars right after maybe not! We'll see if he picks it again.

Once the kids crashed I grabbed a quick shower while Howie took care of the garbage and recycle. Then we watched Wipeout together and had a good laugh at the idiots who attempt these stunts! I'd never survive!!! Honestly! Still fun to watch! Then while doing the grocery list I watched Melinda get voted off SYTYCD...nailed it! After that it was Royal Pains...another great show on the USA channel! Now, I'm heading to la la land knowing full well I get to sleep in as its Friday!!! SAWHEET!!!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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