Sunday, July 4, 2010

Whooo eeee!!!

This was a busy busy BUSY day!!!

This morning I bargained with the devil Howie in that I'd take both kids with me Avoning and he'd stay home and clean the house for the company coming for dinner tonite. DONE!!!

I also took the truck, so they were occupied with movies while I was in dropping stuff off. Turns out today was much quicker that originally thought!! Couple people weren't home, and traffic was good! Lots of people are out of town for the weekend, so that makes driving today quite bearable!

Got a couple good visits in with good friends...and the kids enjoyed being free of their car seats! They enjoyed playing with our friends grandson who's 1...the one we gave the toys away too! DJ recognized them right away too! :) So cute! And for him to see Tylin plying with them was good for him! They also had a great time playing with Morgin and her sister Raquel. While I, of course, enjoyed chatting with their mom. We also had a good visit with Aunt Gayleen and fam....Sam thoroughly enjoyed chasing after her cousins!! She even went running into Gayleen's arms!!! DJ played shy....I hate when he does this! He'll talk to complete strangers while we're out shopping, but won't go near family! Crazy kid!

When it was all said and done we stopped at Albertsons in Mill Creek...the one Jake works at! He was there working so we got a quick visit with him while he was on his break! So weird to see him working!! For real working!!  Never happens at my house!!!! LOL

We finally got home around 5:20 or so...DJ checked for the mail and then I let him "steer" up the driveway...he thought that as kool til  let him honk the horn for Howie...and he honked again....and again!! And then we had a wrestling match trying to keep him away from doing it again!! Rascal!!!

I did beat our company here, so had time to put all my Avon stuff away and husk the corn before they arrived. Dinner was fabulous!!!! The kids surprised us all and finished first!! What a change!!!! They musta been hungry after all that Avoning! That and playing outside with Kaitlyn, our friend's 16 y/o daughter! They LOVED that!!!

Once the kids crashed, and crashed hard!, we adults and pseudo-adult, played cards!! I was all set to win and couldn't quite make it happen!!!! So close a couple times too!!! In the end our guest, Christy, won...guess we gotta be good hosts once in a while! lol We all had fun tho!

Now, the bed is re-made thanks to Jasper....again!!! I caught him mid pee and scared the crap out of him! He hid for most of the time I was home!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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