Monday, July 19, 2010


That's what we've become! Its fun too! :)

This morning we checked out a local church to see what it was like...we happened on a special Sunday service that included a pastor from Uganda. He was a great speaker too...his English was fantastic!!!! And the message was good! I have to say, the video clip of the 8 orphaned children that he runs the home of, were great photos!! Happy children! So often, when we see images of children in the 3rd world, they're sad and pitiful and pull at our heartstrings...but today, those pictures were telling a different story! That what the church is doing by helping fund this home for orphans, is making a difference in the lives of these 8 children. I was impressed!!

After we snuck out of the nursery room that both kids were in, Howie called his dad to see what his plans were...he was IN Monroe!!!! YIKES!!! So, Howie went and met him close by and gave him our spare key to come wait at the house, so he was here to see us when we came home. Not sure the kids knew what to make of having both Grandpa's in the He didn't join us for lunch, but rather left, to spend time with his girlfriend Ellen.

About 1:45 it was finally decided what we were actually doing for the was nearing nap time for SamSam so I needed to know what to do with the kids. We loaded them up in the truck and headed West! Our final destination today was LaConner...which, thanks to my mother's addiction to reading brochures, was named after Mr Conner's wife Louise Anne Conner...LA Conner....kinda sweet eh?

Its this quaint little old town on the coast....most of the buildings are from the late 1880's...just gorgeous! We walked up and down the main street checking out the shops. My biggest find was this shop that was going out of business....they had this stand of greeting cards that were 50 cents a piece!!! I loaded up!!!! I got 11 cards for the price of what people pay for ONE!!! HA! take that Hallmark!!!

About 5 we decided that it was time for dinner, so we headed to a restaurant that my mom grabbed the menu to...Waterfront Cafe. Good thing we did too...apparently the whole town shuts down at 5! Two minutes after we got seated they were turning people away at the door! WOW!

Dinner was wonderful too! Fish and chips sitting outside on the deck of a restaurant that's on the water...what can be better than that!?!?!?! It was very tasty too! Not your typical tempura, but what my mom calls a panco (not even sure I've spelled it right...) was on my fish and DJ's chicken. YUM! 

Then we had a long, scenic drive back...taking a bit of the long way home! It was nice!!! Of course, we stopped at Dairy Queen (again!) and indulged...this time the kids got to partake with their own ice cream cones! It was close to 9 when we got home so the kids were put in their pj's and put in bed! Howie wasn't too far behind them! Dad had the remote, so we watched Deadliest Catch...something I've never seen....this one was about crabbing up in Alaska. Before that was Ice Road Truckers...scary!!!

Now, I"m off to bed as we 've got another full last day tomorrow!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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