Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer colds should be banned!!

My poor DJ has a full on summer cold!!!! His nose is still running clear, so I know there's no infection...but he doesn't get that he's "sick"...y'know, since he doesn't have a fever! LOL he no associates being sick with having a fever.

He woke up about 1:45 last nite to pee and blow his nose....and then Howie put him in bed with me before he went to work...and then about 8:45 he woke up and brought me a tissue right away. Poor guy!

It certainly didn't slow him down any! By 10 he was outside playing with the boys! Sprinkler and all! So, by the time I was ready to head out to finish the grocery shopping, he wanted nothing to do with going to Play Land...can  ya blame him? He stayed behind and SamSam and I took off. She was thrilled to go into Play Land and coloured me 7 pictures to prove it! :)

Sam and I got back just before 2 and got lunch going....and then she laid down for a nap while I got busy cleaning the kitchen....only to have Howie come home and litter it up with his lunch dishes...and then the dinner dishes got added...oy!

I miss my laundry fairy!!! I'm currently on load 4 in the wash and load 3 in the dryer...with one more left...then of course I'll probably do the towels and then the sheets from mom and dad's bed...never ending!!!
I got the blueberries I need to make jam...and the pectin and the sugar...all set!! Tomorrow's weather may be just what I need to get it done too! Rain!! Ahh the garden needs it!! Just want lots of sunshine for my concerts this weekend!!! 

Watched SYTYCD tonite....seems the voting system is all for naught!! Now Billy is the one with the latest injury....and tomorrow he'll be the one let go....if its not him...I see Jose going. Robert is fantastic...Kent is amazing....Adichike is phenomenal...and Lauren has boobs!!! Should be interesting!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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