Friday, July 16, 2010

No Gilligan here

And we didn't do a 3 hour tour...we did a 6 hour one!!! We do it right!!

Today's agenda had one thing on it...go for a boat ride and catch some crab. We accomplished both with minimal fuss! We got outta here by 11, which isn't too shabby for getting 6 people and a boat ready! Howie worried about the boat, I worried about the other 5 of us!

Starting with Samantha finally eating a breakfast! Took some doing too, Howie helped out while I was preparing lunch for the boat. DJ was all ready to go...he's such a little water/boat hound!!

First stop was Albertsons to get some turkey legs...did you know crab like turkey!?!?!?! Who knew!? But it sure works like a charm!!! Then we headed to the marina to launch the boat...the tide was going out, so the water was low, but not too low, whew!

The run to the Sound was rough!!! Bouncy!! Jerky!!! Not a lot of fun really! But the sun was shining! And the skies were blue, blue, blue!! Couldn't have asked for a better day really! SamSam wasn't too sure what to make of the ride out....she clung to me a like a barnacle...maybe even tighter than that! After the first crab pot got thrown in the water, she warmed up to moving around the boat...and wanted to do what DJ was doing.

Once the two pots were in the water, we had our lunch and watched some locals net fish...that was interesting actually. Two boats, one net...they come together, ditch one boat and haul up the net...the time we watched it, they got two salmon...not a lot, but it was something! The first check of the pots got us 4 keeper crabs of about 10 in the pot...GOOD haul! The second pot only had one keeper and 4 throwaways. Before we left we checked the first one, one last time, and got one more keeper. So we got 6 crab for 6 people...sounds perfect to me!!! Unless of course 3 of the 6 didn't eat crab...Sam wasn't in a crab mood (but she sure was crabby!) and DJ still wouldn't eat it and my dad wanted to eat "light"...the 3 of us who did eat crab totally indulged!!! DELISH!!!

The ride back to the marina was way nicer!! The wind had died down and the water was calm. We also took a detour to see a naval ship...USS Abraham Lincoln....WOW that thing was MASSIVE!!!! It made a cruise ship look small!! We could see lots of people walking/working on the deck and one guy standing guard just watching...there was also a Police boat about 50 ft from it watching...all very interesting to watch! When we headed out of the bay, I had NO clue that's what those spinning satellites belonged I know better! Made me think of Top Gun too!! lol Started sing that song  "Highway to the danger zone!" LOL

We had one stop on the way home to pick up some fresh corn on the cob...of which each of my children ate  whole one!! 'Bout the only thing they did eat really! They weren't interested in much else. I wonder if they had a touch of the seasickness like I'm experiencing still. Sitting still and feeling like I'm on a waterbed is not fun! That's why I don't go with Howie anymore. Used to be, in the beginning, I'd get up with him and go fishing every, once a year is about all I can handle! Here it is almost 7 hours being back on land I'm still wobbly! Blech!

So,  now, I'm gonna go lay in bed and watch my ceiling spin...praying that I'll feel land soon! How Howie does it every weekend is beyond me!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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