Monday, July 5, 2010

Four Score and Twenty Years Ago

I have no idea how long ago that was....but Happy Independence Day America!! Its the fourth of July...gotta say that with emphasis on JU....after all, that is the Yankee way to say it!

Today was a blah day! Weather wise that is...just blah! Grey, overcast, drizzly, cold....yup...perfect PNW 4th of July! Tomorrow...they're saying we'll get to 70!! It was 56 today! brrrrr By Wednesday, we're supposed to hit 81! Seems like a dream!

Instead of doing outdoor work like Howie wanted, we did indoor work. He worked on "stuff" in the garage...and I worked on laundry. Just as I was going in to put my contacts in I caught Jasper peeing once again on our side! Same spot as yesterday. So I did some Internet searching and it might be that he has a UTI...great! A trip to the vet was just what I wanted to do! I'm willing to bet they won't be open tomorrow either....oy!

The kids thoroughly enjoyed "helping" Howie out in the garage....I peeked in on them at one point...Howie put a screw in the wall to hang his roll of duct tape...when he got done DJ says "Wow, that's awesome Dad!" with all the wonder of a 4 year old! SO cute!!!!

While Sam was napping, DJ came with me to the trailer so I could put in my time for the week. He just wanted to watch Happy Feet in the truck while I cleaned. Rascal! I'm sure Howie enjoyed his quiet time til Sam got up!!

When we arrived home they were just going for a walk up the street to see the horses. DJ wanted to join them, so I set him free and he caught up to them. This gave me perfect time to put away my groceries and get the water boiling for corn on the cob. It is after all, the 4th!! Gotta eat the all American 4th of July (did you emphasize the JU??) BBQ dinner!!!! Burgers!!!! With corn on the cob and baked beans....delish!!

After dinner I made Howie his caramel corn and cleaned the kids in bed, gave Howie a hair cut, took a shower, had some ice cream with Howie, re-made the bed and sat down to watch fireworks. Not as exciting as some of the 4ths we've had...and I'm sure we'll have again when the kids catch on to the whole fireworks thing. They slept right thru it!! Even thru Snickers barking her disdain for all the noise. Which, I gotta say, was tame! VERY tame compared to Lynnwood! There you'd think you were in Iraq in the middle of a war zone! Every which direction had them going, it was like a dull roar...or a loud wind sound. I stepped outside for a bit, and the sky looked like it was experiencing heat lightning (which is ironic considering how COLD it was!) all over. I could see the bursts of light, but not the actual firework. Kinda wild actually! We had some on our street that went on for an hour or so...but then everyone went to bed. Not too bad!

Speaking of bed....I'm off!! G'nite all!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

P.S. My cousin headed back to Iraq just today after 3 weeks vacation with his wife! Send prayers please!

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